Women clocks over a million miles on her Elantra, Hyundai gifts her a new car

Hyundai Million Miles

Many of us are in such jobs that require us to travel a lot. And no, we are not talking about air or railway travel, we are talking about road travel by a vehicle. However, how much maximum distance can a person drive on a daily basis. 200 km? 300 km? or maybe 500 km (that’s a bit stretched). Today we have brought you the story of a woman who drove her car to more than a million miles in just five years. Mind you, we are talking about miles, so in kilometers, that probably translates into 16,09,344 km. That’s quite a figure as most people don’t achieve that distance on their cars during their whole lifetime.

Meet Farrah Haines, a US resident delivery driver who drove her 2013 Hyundai Elantra to over one million miles in just five years. That translates into 200,000 miles per year or better, an average of 548 miles per day, As a point of reference, the average driver in US drives for about 14,000 miles per year. The video above shows her travelling and the car she used. Haines even fitted a custom bull-bar to her car so as to protect her car from occasional bumps, which are quite natural when you drive so much. What is even more baffling is the pristine condition the car seems to be in, with its original powertrain still in place. For her car to run smoothly, she gets an oil change every two weeks.

But the story does not end here. To commemorate her extraordinary achievement, Hyundai decided to give her a special present. The video above shows how Farrah Haines gets gifted a brand new, sparkling 2018 red Elantra. As she was almost every time driving, Hyundai ordered a package which she would deliver at their workshop. When she arrives with the package, she is asked to open in, inside which she gets the key o the new car. All her friends and family were called by the company to join in the happiness.

Women clocks over a million miles on her Elantra, Hyundai gifts her a new car

Another interesting bit in the story was the odometer. Now normal US odometers have a reading till 1 million and stop after that. But because Haines Elantra had so many miles on it, the factory odometer couldn’t keep a count past the magic figure of one million. For the same, Hyundai created a special “1M” emblem to commemorate the car turning over from 999,999 miles  to 1,000,000 happy miles.

To confirm that the car had really covered that much distance, Hyundai says it verified the Elantra’s odometer reading by investigating various data including Haines’ service records, VIN report, and mileage records. The company also inspected the car’s wiring harness, motor mounts, and engine casting numbers. Only after being fully assured, they went forward to commemorate her. Hyundai says it’ll now give this special emblem to any other Hyundai owners who hit the one million miles milestone. However, we doubt anyone would be doing that in the near future. To put on a more serious note, these distance figures are comparable to truck drivers, who are driving 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Women clocks over a million miles on her Elantra, Hyundai gifts her a new car

Haines story leaves another message to be noticed. Her car held up so well because of the regular care she took of it. Regular servicing, oil changes, malfunction check and elimination etc are some of the things which should be paid attention to by every car owner. If you don’t look after your vehicle, it won’t survive the test of miles and times even if you own a tank as your daily drive.