Woman asked to step down from car in Bengaluru in ‘fake accident’ scam: Husband shares scary story

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There have been numerous incidents reported from Bengaluru of car drivers being harassed by local bikers. Many of these incidents have been caught on dashboard cameras as well. Here is one such incident that shows that even the local Kannadigas feel unsafe in the city.

The incident narrated by Srijan R Shetty on Twitter is shocking and full of horrors. Srijan says that his wife offered to drop off her colleagues from Sarjapur. Their car was followed for quite a long time but the Srijan’s wife did not stop the vehicle on the secluded stretch of road. Instead, she rushed to the road where she could see a few people around and called the cops too.

The men surrounded the car and demanded that the occupants step down of the vehicle for damage. However, she refused to step up. A few tempo drivers also hit the car from the backside and joined the men who had stopped the car. Srijan claims that none of the bystanders helped them or tried to stop the men.

Woman asked to step down from car in Bengaluru in ‘fake accident’ scam: Husband shares scary story

The wife had called the cops and a few friends who arrived at the location quickly. The men dispersed from the spot when they saw that friends and family arrived to help. We are not sure if the cops arrived at the spot as well. Srijan has also not talked about a formal police complaint in the Twitter post.

Sarjapur is infamous for fake accidents

Many similar incidents have happened in the past in Sarjapur. There is one incident that happened in the same region and was recorded on camera. The dashboard camera of the car captured the whole drama and the lady named Kipii shared the horrors on Twitter.

She described the incident in her first tweet by stating, “Today when me and my mother were driving home after dinner at a friend’s, we were attacked by miscreant riders who purposefully tried to collide with my car. When we stopped they tried to break and window and blocked the front and rear of my car. We managed to drive away unhurt.”

The user also included a video in the tweet, showing a man blocking the woman’s car with a scooter. The man then approaches the car window and hits the glass with his hands. In the background, another man can be heard shouting and attempting to force his way into the car. Kipii shared another video where the man on the scooter blocks their car again. They also shared a picture of the accused man’s scooter’s number plate.

The complainant mentioned in her application at Mico Layout police station that there were 3 to 4 men on 2 scooters who harassed her and her mother. She stated that the miscreants deliberately tried to crash into their car, and when they stopped, they started damaging the vehicle. She also mentioned that they tried to escape, but the miscreants followed them until the Hulimavu Police Station and then fled. Later, she updated that an FIR had been filed and the accused were arrested.