Woman in Jeep DESTROYS thieves who tried to attack her [Video]

A Jeep owner in South Africa used her Grand Cherokee SUV to ram and scare away a group of thieves who got into her house by following her in through the gates of her home in their car. The incident happened at the end of August and saw three gun-wielding thieves attempt to carjack the Jeep SUV.

The woman was driving her teenage daughter back home in the South African capital of Pretoria when the thieves followed her into her house through the open gate. When the trio of thieves whipped out guns and started knocking on the windows of the Grand Cherokee, the woman pressed the panic button, which generates an immediate response from relevant authorities in South Africa, where carjacking incidents are quite high. However, with her daughter panicking beside her and the thieves refusing to budge, the woman decided to take action.

With the gun-wielding thieves still knocking on the window, she put her SUV into reverse and rammed the MPV used by the miscreants out of the gates. Seeing this the thieves panicked and got into their car and started to reverse out in a bid to escape.

Woman in Jeep DESTROYS thieves who tried to attack her [Video]

Unfortunately for the miscreants, the Grand Cherokee owner wasn’t done with them yet. She reversed her Jeep SUV at speed past her own gates, crossing the road and sideswiped the MPV. With the thieves now in full-blown panic mode and attempting to exit their car, the lady rammed her Jeep into the side of the MPV again just as one of the miscreants was opening the door to flee.

Fearful of the wrath of the mother behind the wheel of the Jeep and for their own safety, the gun-toting trio of thieves and their getaway driver ran for their lives, leaving their MPV behind in their panic. They were later nabbed by the South African police.

The thieves who most probably would have run off with at least the SUV learned just why you shouldn’t earn the wrath of a mother, especially one behind the wheel of large SUV that weighs over 2.2 tonnes and attempting to keep her daughter safe.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is sold in South Africa with four engine options. The only diesel is a 3.0-litre diesel engine, while there are three petrol power units on offer – a 3.6-litre V6, a 5.7-litre V8 and a 6.4-litre Hemi V8, the last of which is exclusive to the SRT model. The India-spec Grand Cherokee misses out on the 5.7-litre V8 engine option. Prices for the Jeep Grand Cherokee in India start at Rs 78.82 lakhs.