Women on Royal Enfield and Land Rover perform ‘Garba’ with swords in their hands [Video]

royal enfield woman garba sword featured

The festive season has arrived in India, and in many places, we are witnessing carnivals and celebrations related to it. In many parts, cultural organizations organize get-togethers and programs, including dance. During this time of the year, ‘Garba‘ dance nights are also organized in many places. Garba is a form of Gujarati dance that originates from the state of Gujarat in India; however, it is performed by artists across the country during this time. Here, we have a video from Gujarat’s Rajkot, where women are seen riding two-wheelers and cars while performing Garba, holding swords in their hands.

The video has been shared by Hindustan Times on their X profile. The video starts by showing a woman dressed up for the Garba night riding a Royal Enfield. The exact location where this happened in Rajkot is not mentioned here. In the first part, we see a woman riding a Royal Enfield Classic 350 motorcycle on a ground, and people have gathered around the lawn where the performance is taking place. The woman is actually riding the bike with one hand while holding a sword in her other hand. She is performing a move with the sword in the air, and the motorcycle neatly takes a round of the lawn before returning.

Next comes another woman, but this time in a car. The car she is driving is also special. The lady is driving a Land Rover Series I SUV. Just like the Royal Enfield Classic, the SUV takes a round of the lawn where people have gathered. The driver of the SUV also has a sword in her hand and is swinging the sword vigorously. Then comes a group of women riding Honda Activa scooters and bikes. These two-wheelers have women standing on the pillion seat, and the women standing at the back are holding not one but two swords in their hands.

Women on Royal Enfield and Land Rover perform ‘Garba’ with swords in their hands [Video]
woman performing Garba on bike

They are performing a stunt with the swords. The group of bikers splits and starts taking rounds of the lawn from opposite directions. They cross each other on the same stretch several times. After taking several rounds, the Land Rover Series I SUV with women on the rear seat starts performing similar stunts. People gathered around the car can be seen applauding the women for their stunts. This is probably the first time we have come across a video like this. In the past, we have seen people performing stunts on public roads for fame on social media. It is extremely dangerous, but here we have these women performing this in a controlled environment. We would not recommend doing this on public roads as it involves a lot of risk elements. The women are seen doing the stunts gracefully because they have trained themselves for it. Performing such stunts on public roads may lead to accidents and put the riders’ lives and the lives of other road users at risk. We have also seen women riders perform similar stunts on Republic Day parade on 26th January every year.