Women on scooter miraculously escape getting crushed by a bus [Video]

Two women on a scooter miraculously escaped getting crushed after a state transport bus hit their scooter, and nearly ran over them. The accident happened on the 1st of April, 2018, at around 5 PM in the evening at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. And the events leading up to the accident were captured on CCTV.

As the video indicates, two women on a scooter are riding on the rightmost lane of a road that leads a roundabout. A state transport bus is riding beside the women in the middle lane. As the scooter approaches the roundabout, the rider appears to go towards the left from extreme right.

At the same time, the bus driver is going towards right from the middle lane. The scooter gets hit by the bus from behind, and the women lose their balance and fall on to the road. The scooter is nearly run over by the bus, but the women fall slightly ahead and are miraculously saved from getting crushed by the bus.

Women on scooter miraculously escape getting crushed by a bus [Video]

Onlookers quickly come to the rescue of the two women, who’re pulled onto their feet. Luckily for them, the accident ends as a lesson rather than a tragedy. Both women on the scooter are unhelmeted, and luck out by escaping the crash without head injuries. A helmet is NOT optional. Helmets save lives.

Abrupt lane changes are DANGEROUS!

As the video indicates, the rider of the scooter was moving from the right-most lane of the road to the left, in effect making an abrupt lane change, unmindful of the fact that there was a bus right behind. The two wheeler rider could have easily stuck on to the middle lane, leading to the roundabout.

This would have allowed her to safely take a left or a right at the roundabout, of course, after indicating and checking mirrors for traffic behind. The scooter rider failed to take these precautions leading up to the dangerous crash and a miraculous escape. Not everyone’s as lucky.

As for the bus driver, it’s clear that the scooter wasn’t in the blind spot of the driver, who clearly hadn’t anticipated the direction change by the scooter. It was sheer luck that the bus driver got away without running over the riders on the scooter.

Vide source Central Command Control UPD Tirupati