Women On Scooter Get Stuck In Roof Of House [Video]

Girls crash scooter into the roof

We have seen several online videos where bikers, due to their reckless riding behavior, have caused accidents and have even suffered serious injuries. While we speak a lot about such incidents from India, it is not something that happens only here. We have a new video that has been circulating on the internet for the last couple of days where two women are seen on top the roof of a house after they crashed into it with their scooter.

How is this even possible
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The video has been circulating on various social media platforms. In this video, we see a scooter that has crashed into the roof of a house. The exact reason behind the crash or how these girls managed to crash the scooter into the roof is not clear. It looks like the accident happened somewhere in Indonesia. If you look at the video carefully, the height of the road is the same level as the roof of the house.

It looks like a hilly section, and we are assuming that the girls lost control of the scooter while coming down. It could also be that they got distracted while riding through this stretch, directly crashing into the roof. While both girls have scarves around their head, we do not see them wearing any riding helmets. Both of them are actually standing on the footboard of the scooter.

Women On Scooter Get Stuck In Roof Of House [Video]
Girls crash scooter into the roof

The front of the scooter is completely inside the roof. The house seen here in the video had tiles laid on top which is usually seen in houses with sloping roofs. It is not clear whether the girls riding the scooter or anyone else inside the house got injured in this accident.

The video has been posted on Reddit, and we see a couple of men standing on the side of the road and one of them is on the roof. The girls look unhurt, and we feel they were extremely lucky to have escaped from this crash.

However, we couldn’t say the same about the house owner. The roof has a considerable amount of damage to it. In the video, we see that there is a gap between the road and the roof of the house. If the scooter had fallen into the gap, the scooter and the riders both would have been injured seriously.

Looking at the gap between the roof and the road, it looks like the girls were riding the scooter at a pretty high speed and they completely forgot about the curve ahead. It is also possible that the brakes on the scooter completely stopped working, and the girls were forced to crash the scooter.

These are all our assumptions as we do not have exact information related to the crash. This video is a good example that shows why one must be careful while riding or driving on hilly roads.

Most roads on the hills are narrow and are unforgiving. One must always maintain a normal speed while coming down such speeds. Also always wear a proper riding helmet while riding a two-wheeler to avoid head injuries during such accidents.