Corona Virus: 3 workers fit scooter engine to a cart & reach home 1,200 Kms away!

The government of India has locked down the country for 21 days to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Amidst the lockdown, the public transport system like buses, trains and even flights have been cancelled in the country. Thousands of people were caught off guard with the sudden decision and it has affected many in various ways. The most affected lot are the migrant workers from states like Bihar and Uttar Pradesh who have lost their daily jobs due to the lockdown. Also, since the public transportation system is also down, migrant workers have been seen walking on the roads taking the journey of hundreds and even thousands of kilometres to reach their homes. Here is a video that shows three men from Bihar made a makeshift trolley powered by a scooter engine.

The three men were spotted at Chandauli district in Uttar Pradesh. The three workers from Delhi set on their way to home in Madhubani in Bihar. The journey is of over 1,200 km from the national capital. The men rigged a scooter and put it on a trolley to come up with a makeshift vehicle.

Lau Mahto, Gore Lal Mahto and one person from the Mahato family were on their way to Madhubani when the UP cops stopped them. The Chandauli district is about 330 km from Lucknow and way far away from Madhubani in Bihar. The cops and UP administration asked the traveller about food and let them continue their journey ahead. After the sudden lockdown of the whole country, thousands of migrant workers from all the corners of the country are trying to reach their homes using various means.

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A short video clip of the men shows that the policemen are asking questions to them about the journey. The cops can be heard asking if they want to rest for a bit before continuing. Chandauli district is about 800 km away from Delhi. However, the men answered that they are not tired and just want to carry one. They requested the cops to let them pass.

The men also said that they have finished all the money and since there is no other way of travelling, they decided to come up with the makeshift vehicle and finish the journey. They also said that they will finish the journey in about three days or it may take one extra day too. However, they were determined to reach their destinations.

The Chandauli district administration said that the men were given food and medical teams also checked them properly before they were let go ahead. After several of policemen pushing the migrant workers came up, CM of the State, Yogi Adityanath said that the police and administration should behave in a human way to such people.

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