World-record winning modified chopper parked in workshop SEIZED by RTO officials in Bangalore [Video]

It is illegal to modify vehicles in India due to safety reasons and police teams do work extra to get their hands on such modified units. If you’re a regular reader of this website, you may remember the 13-feet long handmade chopper motorcycle made by Zakir Khan in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Well, the RTO has now seized the modified bike and that too from the workshop of the owner.

Zakir Khan’s creation holds the Guinness World Record for being the longest chopped bike in the world. There are several other records that this long bike won from various record keeping books. However, the RTO has now seized the bike.

According to the video, the bike was parked at the workshop when the RTO official came knocking to seize it. They seized the bike because of the modifications are done it. The owner is furious and has made the video too.

In our story introducing the 13-feet long bike, we did mention that it is an illegal modification and can be seized by the authorities. However, the police cannot seized such modified examples from private places like a workshop, automobile shows and private roads like a racing track.

The motorcycle is now with the police and the owner is puzzled because he did not take out the motorcycle on the public roads. Any modified car or two-wheeler is not road-legal in India, especially if there are structural changes.

World-record winning modified chopper parked in workshop SEIZED by RTO officials in Bangalore [Video]

The owner will burn records in front of RTO

The owner says that since the bike is now seized and the cops did not give a reason for the same, he will protest against the move. Zakir Khan says that he will collect all the records that are made by the bike and will burn them in front of the RTO.

Zakir Khan has also identified an RTO officer who was in the team when they came to seize the vehicle from his workshop. The name of the officer is Ranjith GT. Zakir has found out that Ranjith GT has put numerous pictures with heavily modified vehicles on the social media platform. In some pictures, the RTO officer is in uniform too.

The owner Zakir Khan has made the video to urge the RTO commissioner Shivakumar to return the record-winning chopper to him.

About the bike

The bike was made with a total investment of around Rs 6 lakh according to the owner. It is massive in size and measures 13-feet in length, which has got the bike so many awards. It is powered by a 220cc engine from Bajaj Avenger and the rear tyre comes from a mini truck. The bike gets a massive 50-litre fuel tank and returns a fuel efficiency of only 7 km/l. It weighs a mammoth 450 kg.