Worlds first AWD Volkswagen Polo GTI built in India – Makes over 550 Bhp [Video]

India is no short of real automotive enthusiasts and with the increasing popularity of social media platforms more and more enthusiasts are coming forward to showcase their custom builds to other fellow car lovers in the country. One of the most recent and special builds to come forward through the popular video-sharing platform YouTube is a tuned Volkswagen Polo GTI. What’s so special about this Polo GTI you may ask? Well, this one makes over 500 bhp and to add to the drama it’s the world’s first all-wheel-drive Polo GTI. Yes, you heard it right WORLDs first!

Recently the video of this Polo GTI was shared by one of the most famous automotive enthusiast’s YouTube channels in the country that shares some masterpieces – Horsepower Cartel. The video begins with the presenter driving an Audi TT Quattro where he tells that he is going to the workshop where one of his friends is dyno-testing and fine-tuning his Volkswagen Polo GTI. He then reveals that this is the first ever Polo GTI that is all-wheel-drive. He adds that he understands that some people will claim that there is a Polo AWD but he told that the said Polo is 4 door model. This on the other hand is two door Polo GTI. He then emphasized that this is not only a first in India car but also a first in world car as well.

He added that the owner of this Polo GTI also owns the country’s fastest deisel SUV as well which is a tuned BMW X3. Following this he told that the owner is passioante guy and as of yet he ran some extremely fast times on the Polo GTI but he could not reveal them. He then tells that he is heading towards Speedworks workshop in Yerthiganahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The company offers tuning, dyno, racing, and aftermarket parts and services in the country.

Worlds first AWD Volkswagen Polo GTI built in India – Makes over 550 Bhp [Video]

After driving the presenter then reaches the Speedworks workshop and in a b-roll footage a white Audi TT Quattro sportscar as well another red Polo GTI can be seen. Other cars in the clip included a Skoda Octavia VRs as well. Following which the modified Polo GTI finished in a Nardo Grey wrap with the rear bumper removed makes an appearance. The video shows the owner of the car driving it up the AWD 4500HP Capable Dual Eddy Brake dyno.

The owner of the Polo GTI then starts doing some pulls but keeps it a little light and does not redline the hatchback too much. The video then shows a picture of the results of the pulls and the maximum power output generated during the pulls was a mind bending 555 bhp however this was the crank horsepower. The wheel horsepower was around 470 bhp which still is bonkers.

The presenter then tells that the fine tuning is still incomplete and will continue in the morning. They then take the car out in real world for testing and from the video it can be seen that the car pulls away pretty hardly. The hatchback because of being AWD puts down the power very well. The video then shows that the car participated in the Vroom Drag Race event in Bengaluru Karnataka and abslotuly destroyed a Mercedes Benz SUV.

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