World’s first Rolls Royce pick-up spotted

Rolls Royce makes aspirational cars and enthusiasts worldwide want one in their garage. But the price tag is what keeps most enthusiasts away. Not allowing price to be a letdown, many around the world try to create replicas of Rolls Royce cars hoping to turn them into reality one day. Here is one such enthusiast who created a Rolls Royce Ghost pick-up.

World’s first Rolls Royce pick-up spotted

The car is based in Dhaka, Bangladesh by BDCarZz but it is not uncommon to find Rolls-Royce replicas in other countries. From head-on, it definitely looks like a Rolls Royce Ghost and we have to give it to the designers who have done this work. It sure looks very clean and neatly designed. It is a replica based on the newest-generation Ghost.

World’s first Rolls Royce pick-up spotted

We are not too sure about the donor vehicle though. While there are several pick-up trucks available in Bangladesh, this one looks like an Isuzu D-Max single-cab pickup. The modification job is done with minimal effort. The transformation is done only to the front end of the car. Only the bonnet part of the vehicle is different while the rest of it is exactly similar to the original car.

Now we are not sure about the headlamps and other parts of the vehicle. They can be LED but since the modification job is minimal effort, they can be halogen lamps as well.

World’s first Rolls Royce pick-up spotted

We are not sure about the legalities of such modifications in Bangladesh but it would have been considered illegal in India. Though, there are several replica models and heavily modified vehicles that move freely on Indian roads and highways as well.

Rolls Royce Cullinan replica in India

Back in 2018, a replica of the Rolls Royce Cullinan was spotted on Indian roads. It is considered as world’s first replica of the Rolls Royce Cullinan. However, after a couple of sightings, no one ever spotted the replica.

This vehicle was spotted in Hyderabad.  The replica job of the Cullinan is based on the now-discontinued Chevrolet Captiva and the modder has done his best to bring the vehicle as close to the original model. But of course, it looks way different from Cullinan in real life. The view of the side shows the window line of the replica Cullinan that gets a boundary of thick chrome stripe all around just like the original vehicle. However, the window line is all wrong and out of place. The vehicle also gets only regular doors and not the suicide doors available on the Cullinan.

Ace car designer Dilip Chhabria made a replica of Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in India back in 2014. He transformed a Lamborghini Gallardo into Sesto Elemento.