World’s most EXPENSIVE car number plate: Price will stun even the Ambanis

If you think that vehicle registration number plates with single-digit numbers are the most expensive one can buy for a vehicle, think again. A person from the United Kingdom has spent a large sum on a unique number plate which reads “F1”. What’s the cost, you ask? Rs 132 crores!

World’s most EXPENSIVE car number plate: Price will stun even the Ambanis

In the United Kingdom, the “F1” number plate has always been a hugely popular and desirable one for vehicles. Awarded for a limited duration, the number plate has always graced some expensive cars, including the likes of Mercedes-McLaren SLR and Bugatti Veyron.

Any car enthusiast will understand the significance of “F1”, for it denotes Formula 1 – one of the most coveted motorsports in the world. The face value of this registration number increases because the UK government allows only “F1” on the number plate and no other initials and digits. It makes it one of the shortest vehicle registration numbers globally.

Originally owned by Essex City Council since 1904, this exclusive number plate was put on auction for the first time in 2008. Currently, the owner of UK-based Kahn Designs, Mr Afzal Khan, owns this special vehicle registration number, which he bought for Rs 132 crore for his exclusive Bugatti Veyron. It makes the cost of the registration number even much more than the value of the Veyron.

World’s most EXPENSIVE car number plate: Price will stun even the Ambanis

First sold for Rs 4 crores

When this number was put on auction for the first time, it was sold for Rs 4 crores. However, with the inflation and increase in its desirability and face value, the cost of this number increased exponentially, thus making it the most expensive registration number for a vehicle.

This “F1” vehicle registration number is not the only extremely pricey number plate of the world, for we have come across similar instances in the past, if not as expensive as this one. Examples of such expensive numbers include the ‘D5’ number plate owned by an Indian businessman in Abu Dhabi who bought it for 67 crores and a number plate having only “1” as the digital annotation owned by another Abu Dhabi-based businessman, who purchased it for Rs 66 crores.

There are many reasons why people buy such expensive vehicle registration numbers for their cars. Some of them are for matching with their birth dates, lucky numbers and astrological signs, and a reason to stand out in the crowd with such fancy numbers.

Such an amount of expensiveness of these number plates can even put some of the cars owned by India’s richest businessman, Mr Mukesh Ambani. While the garage owned by the Ambani family has some of the most exclusive luxury and sports cars, most of them get mere regular registration numbers.