World’s most EXPENSIVE car number plate will stun even the Ambanis

So, you thought that paying lakhs of rupees for a ‘0001’ or a fancy number is totally crazy? Well, this one will simply blow your mind. The registration number ‘F1’ has gone on sale in the United Kingdom for, wait for it, a whopping Rs 132 crore! Yes, you can actually have the number ‘F1’ on your car in the UK, provided you are willing to pay such a stratospheric amount for it. The F1 number plate has been on many cars in the UK.

These include a couple of Mercedes-McLaren SLR, a few custom Range Rover SUVs, and even a Bugatti Veyron. This plate got into private hands in the year 2008, before which it was under the ownership of the Essex City Council since the year 1904. Till now, the F1 plate has been used by one Afzal Kahn. Kahn is the owner of Kahn Design, a famous UK-based car customizer.


The F1 registration plate has remained in the limelight for the obvious reference to Formula 1, the most famous form of motorsports almost across the globe. Of course, another reason for its fame is the fact that there are only a few two-digit plates around the world. This plate first went on sale for Rs 4 Crore. Its current value, however, is pegged at a mind-blowing Rs 132 crore. If sold, it will even overshadow the D5 plate bought in Dubai for a staggering Rs 67 Crore by one Balwinder Sahani. The single-digit plate ‘1’ was sold in Abu Dhabi for Rs 66 crore.

While such custom number plates aren’t available in India, one can always purchase a special number plate from the RTO. There have been many instances of people buying really expensive plates for vehicles ranging from a Honda Activa (!) to the likes of Mercedes S-Class. Last month, it came to light that registration plates with special numbers, such as 8055 and 4141, which translate to ‘BOSS’ and ‘PAPA (in Hindi numerals)’ respectively, will soon become available for sale at a higher-than-normal price. Officials feel that charging for such numbers will help the RTO maximize its earnings.

Images courtesy NDTV

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