World’s smallest Jeep is powered by Honda Activa and Maruti Suzuki 800 [Video]

Babar Singh from Punjab imagined making a tiny Jeep to help disabled people and to fuel his own passion. Babar has planned this mini Jeep, which is touted as the world’s smallest Jeep in his childhood while admiring the full-size models. However, he never got a chance to make it. The vehicle is called “Liliput Jeep” just because of its small size but it sure can carry four people without any problem.

The vehicle is completely made by hand in a garage where tools were available. Several parts from different vehicles have been used to make this Liliput Jeep. The chassis is a modified version of the Maruti Suzuki 800. The front part of the chassis is from Maruti 800 as is. Other than that, the steering rack is also from Maruti Suzuki 800. Even the steering wheel is from a Maruti Suzuki 800.

The body is made out of sheet metal and is made completely by hand. The design is inspired by bigger Mahindra SUVs that roam around. However, the video also says that the design is heavily inspired by Willys. Nonetheless, it gets a proper windshield and the body is convertible. This means the body gets a soft cover that can be removed as per need.

It gets parts from the Bajaj motorcycle too. As we can see that the tyres are from a motorcycle and also, the dual spring shock absorbers are also from a bike. They do the job well to keeping the occupants comfortable. It has a seating capacity of four people. There is a bench seat in front and two jump seats are located at the rear. The rear seats are side facing.


Powered by Honda Activa

World’s smallest Jeep is powered by Honda Activa and Maruti Suzuki 800 [Video]

It is an automatic petrol Jeep. The powertrain comes from the Honda Activa, which is installed at the front of the car. The transmission is a CVT that also comes from Honda Activa. The controls of the powertrain are installed on the steering wheel of the car. Which means that there are no pedals in this car. The engine is overhauled but we are not sure if it is still in its stock form.

The idea is to provide mobility solutions to the disabled so they don’t have to use anything other than their hands to operate the vehicle. Babar Singh also takes this Jeep to the local markets and drives it around without any problem. Since it is powered by a petrol scooter engine which is a single-cylinder, air-cooled set-up. It returns about 45 km/l in this vehicle, which is huge.

World’s smallest Jeep is powered by Honda Activa and Maruti Suzuki 800 [Video]

But is this vehicle legal? No, such homemade vehicles are not approved by the authorities and are not allowed on public roads. The process of getting approval and registration number for the public roads is quite complicated. In fact, ARAI and iCAT are two organisations that check the vehicle thoroughly before awarding them an approval certificate and clear them for the public roads. However, one can always make such vehicles and use them in private properties.