World’s tallest traffic cop is from India [Video]

It’s said that there’s no escaping the long arm of the law, at least not the long arms of Jagdeep Singh. Singh, who is a traffic cop with the Punjab Police, is not just the proverbial long arm of the law but is also possibly the tallest traffic cop in the world.

World’s tallest traffic cop is from India [Video]

Jagdeep Singh is 7 feet and 6 inches tall, which makes him taller than even the famous Great Khali, an ex-cop from Punjab. Jagdeep currently serves as a traffic cop in Amritsar. He has been working with the local police for the last 18 years. The fact that he’s head and shoulders above most people enables him to spot any disturbance in the street from far off.

Singh is so tall that he has to get his uniform specially made by a personal tailor. His shoe size is 19 and the cop is required to import it from abroad. The really tall traffic constable is a local celebrity of sorts. The ‘much-shorter’ locals often take selfies with the cop. Before Singh was ‘discovered’, one Rajesh Kumar from Haryana used to be the tallest traffic cop. Kumar is 7 ft and 4 inches tall. Singh says he enjoys being the centre of attention. Talking about himself, he says, “I am very proud of being the tallest policeman in India. I am 7ft 6in tall, I weigh around 190 kilograms and I feel very happy about it.’ However, he’s quick to add that he finds it’s troublesome to import his shoes from another country. He also says that he is unable to buy clothes of his size or even use a normal washroom. He also faces difficulty to travel on a bus or a cab.

World’s tallest traffic cop is from India [Video]

Singh even says that he was not able to find any girl who was willing to marry him. Finally, he married Sukhbir Kaur, who, at 5 ft 11 inches, isn’t short herself. Kaur said she feels proud to be married to the tallest man in the state of Punjab. She said, “Wherever I go with him we get a celebrity-like respect. People come and take photos with us, it’s great. I don’t think there’s anyone that’s taller than him in India or the entire world.”

However, there are some who try to bully Singh by labelling him as ‘monster’. “People are bullying me by calling me a monster and an alien. But I don’t mind people calling me names; it doesn’t make me sad. I focus on my job and make people happy. I never felt uncomfortable due to my height. This is a gift from God and I am enjoying it. I won’t be ashamed of my height,” Singh said.

Jagdeep says he wants to get his name in the Guinness World Records:”I want to make my name in the world records. And I am sure I will. Due to my height, people from other states come to see me. People take selfies with me. I am glad that I make people happy.”

via Dailymail UK and BarcroftTV