Wrong fuel filled in Mahindra Thar petrol during roadtrip; Here is what happened [Video]

Filling the wrong fuel type in a vehicle can cause massive damage to the engine. However, if you catch the mistake in time, the damages can be limited. Here is a 2021 Mahindra Thar petrol in which the fuel pump attendant filled diesel. The mistake was caught just in time.

The video is made by DOCTOR HANAAN, who was travelling to Delhi from Jammu & Kashmir with his mother. The video, which is taken from the car shows Mahindra Thar entering the fuel pump. The next footage shows the fuel pump attendant filling diesel in the car. The owner then stops the attendant from filling the fuel further.

According to the owner, he told the fuel filling station attendants that he wants petrol, not diesel. However, the fuel pump attendant filled the diesel. The manager of the fuel station also can be heard saying that this car is only available with a diesel engine, how would a fuel pump attendant know that it is a petrol car.

Later, the fuel pump attendants and the mechanic drain the fuel tank of the vehicle. They get under the car and remove the fuel completely. As per the video, there was about 20 litres of petrol fuel already in the tank and the fuel pump attendant then filled an extra 2.5-litres.

After emptying the fuel tank completely, they again fill five-litre fuel in the tank to flush any diesel fuel remaining in the tank. Once the fuel tank is flushed, they fill the half-tank with petrol and continue their journey. After driving the car for over 100 km, the owner says that he did not feel anything wrong with the car and there was no misfiring in the engine as well.

Wrong fuel in the car?

Wrong fuel filled in Mahindra Thar petrol during roadtrip; Here is what happened [Video]

The moment you realize you’ve put the wrong fuel, the ideal situation would be that you haven’t started your car yet. If you’re in this position, the next thing you need to do is disconnect the main fuel line for the engine to the tank. You might need a mechanic at this point. You need to basically access the tank using a hose, if possible, through the filler cap. Once you’ve reached the filler cap, try to syphon off as much fuel as possible. Drain whatever is left through the main fuel line.

Once, you’ve drained out as much fuel as possible from the car, crank the engine a few times by turning the key to pump out any remaining fuel. Don’t worry, your car won’t start. The fuel should drain out of the main fuel line as the engine cranks up. Post this, fill about two litres of the correct fuel and crank up the engine again to clean up the lines. Once, you’re sure all the fuel has been drained out, you may connect the fuel line back. Then, fill up your tank with the correct fuel and remember to add an additive to clean the injectors for the diesel engine.

For a petrol engine, you’ll need to change the fuel filter and clean the spark plugs as well. With the diesel car, do open the drain plug at the bottom of the filter and drain out any fuel remaining in the filter as well. Thereafter prime the vehicle using a manual diesel pump and start your car.

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