Wrong-side driving will lead to FIR, vehicle seizure and court appearance: Mumbai Police

Driving in the wrong direction can get you an FIR in Mumbai. People will also be booked for rash and negligent driving. The violates would have to appear before the court and their vehicles will be impounded.

Wrong-side driving will lead to FIR, vehicle seizure and court appearance: Mumbai Police

This information was revealed by newly appointed police commissioner Sanjay Pandey during a public interaction system on Facebook live. He said, “Those caught for driving in the wrong direction will be booked under relevant provisions of the Indian Penal Code or Motor Vehicles Act,”

Moreover, he also said that some people are racing their motorcycles on JJ and BKC flyovers. To catch such violates a drive would be commenced, an action against violates will also be taken. He also said, “The violator not only poses a threat to themself but also to the pedestrians and other motorists. Be prepared for a long haul if one is caught violating the rules.”

Challans already issued

Wrong-side driving will lead to FIR, vehicle seizure and court appearance: Mumbai Police

Team of Sanjay Pandey has already caught 36 violators of wrong side driving. An FIR has been issued against all 36 violators. This information was shared on Twitter by Sanjay Pandey himself. Earlier, the challan for wrong side driving was just Rs. 200 but now the violators would have to appear before the court.

An accident happened last year

Last year in Bhopal, a speeding hatchback almost hit a traffic cop. Fortunately, the incident was recorded on CCTV cameras. In the footage, we saw traffic police handling the traffic at a junction. Then we see a hatchback coming at a high speed from the wrong lane, the cop rushes to the lane to stop the vehicle. The driver did not stop the car and the cop managed to dodge the vehicle barely.

An FIR was lodged against the driver. There have been many instances where the cops have been dragged onto the bonnet for several kilometres. Usually, the drivers in such incidents are caught by the police eventually and then they are booked.

Driving on the wrong side is dangerous

It is quite obvious that driving on the wrong side of the road can be very dangerous. People often use the wrong lane when there is a long traffic light and a lot of traffic is waiting. So, to come ahead of the rest of the traffic they would take the wrong lane. People also use the wrong lane simply because they do not want to travel for a kilometre or two for a U-turn.

A car in the wrong lane can confuse the rest of the traffic. Because of this, a driver can perform a manoeuvre that the rest of the drivers are not predicting. Moreover, if it is night time then it is even more dangerous because the headlights blind the driver of the oncoming cars which can lead to a major accident.