Wrong side fight & road rage: Mahindra Thar driver vs brave biker (CCTV Footage)

The most common traffic offences in India are wrong side driving and not following the traffic signals. Here is a CCTV footage that shows a brave biker fighting his right of way against a bully Mahindra Thar driver.

What is happening here?

The incident happened in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh where a biker can be seen stopping the way of a Mahindra Thar coming from the wrong side. The young biker, who is riding a commuter segment stays in front of the Thar instead of repeated threats by the Thar driver and the whole incident was caught on the camera.

The Thar driver even tries to scare the biker by accelerating towards him but the biker guy did not budge in. The biker guy calmly parked his motorcycle on the stand and sat calmly. Numerous vehicles stopped to see what is happening but no one cared to stop and give support to the biker.

Finally, the Thar driver lost his cool and got off the vehicle and started arguing with the biker. The arguments heated up and the Thar driver started beating the biker guy. The onlookers intervened after some time.

The biker then registered an FIR against the Thar driver under section 294 (reciting obscene words in public), section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt), section 506 (criminal intimidation), section 119 (Public servant concealing design to commit an offence which it is his duty to prevent).

An unfortunate event?

While the biker was within the law to get his right of way, no one from the busy road came forward to support the lone biker. The incident led to road rage but it could have been very well prevented if there was a police officer present in the vicinity and implemented the rules properly. Such lawbreakers do it repeatedly when they sense that no one is there to catch them or fine them.

Road rage can lead to serious situations and should be avoided at all costs. However, we agree that the lone biker did impact the mindset of such people who think that they are above the law.