Wrong way speeding by superbikers causes EXPLOSIVE crash

Riding in the wrong way is inexcusable. From confusing other motorists to causing accidents, wrong way driving/riding can prove to be deadly. This is exactly what a bunch of superbikers found out recently when they were speeding, that too on the wrong way.

Insane Bike Crash

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And at least three of them met a very gory end after crashing at an incredibly high speed. Here’s how it all happened. As the video indicates, a group of bikers on superbikes were riding at very high speed. This incident happened somewhere in North America. On of the superbikers speeding in the wrong way first hit a car.

The impact was so high that the biker was flung into the air before landing with multiple parts of his body missing. He’s assumed to be dead on impact. Other superbikers in his group were equally fast, but behind him. They seemed to be disoriented after the first biker’s high impact crash, and two other bikers crash. One of this duo crashes straight into a car recording the incident live on a dashcam, and at very high speedThe camera stops recording after the impact.

Wrong way riding/driving kills

  • Riding or driving on the wrong way is criminal, and it often contributes to many crashes, resulting in deaths.
  • Many innocent people become the victims of drivers/riders coming from the wrong way of the road.
  • On Indian highways, be extra alert, even on roads that have dividers as wrong way riding/driving is very common.
  • If you happen to see someone heading straight towards you from the wrong way, the best bet to survive is to slow down, especially if you’re in a car. This will reduce impact, if the vehicle coming in the wrong way hits you. Also, a slower vehicle means better control at changing direction quickly or lesser damage in case you decide to go off road to avoid the vehicle coming in the wrong direction.

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