Wrongly parked Maruti WagonR blocks road: Tata Harrier owner moves it out of the way with bare hands [Video]

Due to the increasing number of cars on the limited space of Indian roads, it has become a common sight to witness haphazard parking. One particular incident involved a man who encountered a vehicle obstructing his path while driving down a narrow lane. Utilizing his sheer strength and power, he managed to move the car aside.


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The video has gone viral on the Internet, featuring a man behind the wheel of a Tata Harrier. His co-driver captured the footage on his phone, audibly commenting that the SUV wouldn’t fit through the narrow gap. In the middle of the road, a Maruti Suzuki WagonR had been carelessly parked. The driver of the Harrier exited the vehicle and proceeded to physically lift the Maruti Suzuki WagonR, placing it back in its original position.

For those questioning the feasibility of moving a car in this manner, it is indeed possible. The man employed a technique to exert maximum force on the car and successfully moved it aside. Moreover, it’s worth noting that this is not the first occurrence of such an act. A few years ago, a CCTV-recorded video went viral. It depicted a man skillfully maneuvering his car to free himself from the obstruction caused by vehicles parked too closely. While the current incident bears similarities, there are suspicions that it may have been staged.

Despite the availability of ample parking space, the car in question was parked in an improper manner. Additionally, it is highly unlikely that someone would coincidentally record such a problem. Therefore, similar to numerous other social media posts, there is a high probability that this video was scripted to garner more views and followers. Nevertheless, the act of moving the WagonR, as demonstrated by the individual, is a feat that only a few are capable of accomplishing.

Wrongly parked Maruti WagonR blocks road: Tata Harrier owner moves it out of the way with bare hands [Video]
Tata Harrier driver moving WagonR

We hope that you never encounter a situation where your path is blocked by a parked vehicle. In such circumstances, the typical course of action involves capturing evidence by taking a picture and sending it to the traffic police, hoping that they will issue a fine (challan). You may then consider making a U-turn to seek an alternate route. However, if a U-turn is not feasible and the obstructed road is the only way to reach your destination, it is advisable to contact the traffic police. They may dispatch a crane to tow away the offending vehicle and clear the path for you.

In the second scenario, a faster approach to resolve the issue would involve inquiring within the neighborhood to determine the owner of the parked car. Once the owner is identified, you can kindly request them to relocate their vehicle, allowing you to proceed unhindered. Engaging in an argument in such situations should be avoided, as it would only be a futile expenditure of time and energy. In case the situation escalates, it is advisable to retreat to the safety of your car, lock the doors, and promptly contact the local police station for assistance.