XUV.e8: A closer look at the electrified Mahindra XUV700 [Video]

After many teaser videos and images, Mahindra finally unveiled their electric SUV. They showcased concepts of 5 upcoming electric vehicles from Mahindra. The born-electric SUVs from Mahindra are categorised into XUV.e and BE. Mahindra unveiled XUV.e8, XUV.e9 and BE.05,BE.07 and BE.09 electric SUVs. All these SUVs will be based on Mahindra’s new INGLO skateboard platform. The XUV.e8 electric SUV showcased is actually an electric version of Mahindra’s popular XUV700 SUV. Here we have a video that shows how the XUV.e8 electric SUV looks up close.

The video has been The Fat Biker on their YouTube channel. Rohit Paradkar show how the electric version of XUV700 SUV looks. Mahindra is likely to change the name of the SUV when it hits the production line. XUV.e8 is the first SUV to hit the production line. Mahindra is expected to launch the SUV by December 2024. As mentioned above, it is the electric version of Mahindra’s current flagship SUV XUV700. The design of XUV.e8 is inspired from the regular XUV700 but, there are lot of new elements to it.

Starting with the front, it looks distinct. The XUV.e8 gets triangular shaped headlamp cluster. There are LED lights in it. There are LED DRLs that run through the width of the car. The LED DRLs also drop down to the front bumper as well. Like any other electric vehicle that is available in the market, the front grille on the SUV has been completely closed. The front-end looks a lot more sharp and muscular from the front. The new Mahindra logo can also be seen at the front. Coming to the side profile, the XUV.e8 gets different type of wheels. The wheels are similar to what we see on electric cars. The basic layout or silhouette of the XUV.e8 is similar to the XUV700.

XUV.e8: A closer look at the electrified Mahindra XUV700 [Video]

The rear is where the similarities are more evident. It gets the same type of tail lamps and tail gate. The bumper is slightly redesigned as this is now an EV. Mahindra had revealed the dimensions of this SUV. The XUV.e8 is 4,740 mm long, 1,900 mm wide, 1,760 mm tall and has a 2,762 mm wheelbase. The upcoming XUV.e8 SUV is longer, taller and wider than the regular XUV700 and the wheelbase is more by 7 mm. Mahindra had also confirmed that the XUV.e8 will come with an AWD system.

The video also shows how the interiors on the upcoming XUV.e8 look like. The car gets a very similar looking set up like the regular XUV700. Instead of the twin screen set up of the dashboard, the XUV.e8 has three screen. One of them is the instrument cluster while the other two are probably touchscreen infotainment system. The screen when turned off looks like a single screen unit which covers the dashboard completely. The SUV would come with multi-function steering wheel, leather seats and panoramic sunroof. The seats would electrical adjustments with memory function along with ambient lights. the gear lever on the XUV.e8 is different from what we have seen on the regular XUV700. The XUV.e8 will have an electric motor that will generate anywhere between 230 Ps to 350 Ps.