XUV700 Fire: Fresh details released by Mahindra, blame pinned on aftermarket modifications

After a Mahindra XUV700 caught fire and the video became viral on the Internet, the brand released an official statement identifying the exact problem. Mahindra Automotive has conducted an investigation and concluded that the XUV700 fire was caused by wire tampering.

On May 21, Kuldeep Singh, the owner of the XUV700 posted on Twitter that he was driving with his family on the Jaipur National Highway when the incident happened. Kuldeep said that the car caught fire without any warning of overheating. No one was injured in the incident and all the passengers managed to get out of the vehicle before the fire spread and engulfed the vehicle.

The fire was concentrated in the engine bay area of the car. After many Twitter users questioned Singh if he has done modifications, the reply was negative. Kuldeep said that he did not do modifications and the car was in stock condition. He also said that the vehicle is relatively new.

A day after the fire, Mahindra Automotive released a statement saying they found out that the wiring harness was tampered with to add aftermarket accessories. This could have led to the fire incident. However, Mahindra had not clarified the exact accessory that caused the fire.

Today, Mahindra clarified and issued another statement saying that they have figured out the exact reason for the fire and it was caused by aftermarket illuminated scuff plates and four ambient lighting modules by tampering with the original circuit of the vehicle.

Mahindra said,

“Our investigation of the XUV700 thermal incident on Jaipur National Highway concluded last evening. Investigators have recorded evidence of the user having fitted after-market illuminated scuff plates and four ambient lighting modules by tampering with the original wiring circuit of the vehicle. The additional wiring connections which are not originally engineered have been connected to existing electrical points causing the thermal incident. The owner has been informed of our findings via email. At Mahindra, we design and manufacture our products with the highest standards of safety. We urge users not to modify the original wiring circuits of vehicles as it may compromise safety over a period. We would like to assure our customers that their safety remains our utmost priority.”

Many individuals choose to enhance their vehicles with aftermarket accessories such as additional lamps or infotainment systems. However, if the wiring is not properly installed, it can lead to a short circuit. A short circuit has the potential to overheat the entire electrical circuit of the vehicle, and even if the engine is functioning properly, it can result in a fire. Therefore, it is crucial to rely on trusted dealers and mechanics when it comes to installing aftermarket parts.