India’s 1 Lakh Rupee ‘Yazuka Karishma’ Electric Car Is Giving Off Tata Nano Vibes [Video]

Yakuza Karishma EV car

Electric vehicles have gained a lot of traction in the Indian car market. People are now preferring EVs over ICE vehicles for city driving. However, it has to be noted that they are more expensive than standard ICE vehicles. Hence, a lot of people cannot afford them. To solve this problem, recently a company named Yakuza has launched its micro-electric car called Karishma. A video showing this unique electric car has now been shared online.

Yakuza Karishma EV

The video showing this Yakuza Karishma electric car has now been shared on YouTube by Bike Adda. It starts with the presenter showing the Yakuza Karishma and talking with its owner. This particular car’s owner mentions that he is the dealer for this electric car. Following this, he starts showing the details of the car.

Yakuza Karishma: Exterior Design

India’s 1 Lakh Rupee ‘Yazuka Karishma’ Electric Car Is Giving Off Tata Nano Vibes [Video]

After the introduction, the presenter and the owner start at the front of the car. It can be noted that the front gets a very modern design. The main highlight is the gloss black grille and the LED DRLs on the headlights. The main headlight setup gets two halogen bulbs. It also gets a connecting LED DRL in the middle as well.

On the side profile, the Karishma EV comes with only two doors. Its exact dimensions have not been mentioned in the video or its official website. However, we can note that it is a very tiny car and has been designed to be used inside city traffic. The car is also not very wide.

India’s 1 Lakh Rupee ‘Yazuka Karishma’ Electric Car Is Giving Off Tata Nano Vibes [Video]

Moving on to the rear, the presenter then shows the design of the car. It gets halogen taillights with a connecting light in the middle. He mentions that when the parking brake is engaged, the middle light glows up. Following this, the owner of the car shows the charging port of the car, which can be opened by the flip key provided by the company. Sunil Shetty Buys MG Comet.

After showing the complete exterior of the Yakuza Karishma EV car, the presenter then shows the electric motor of the car mounted in the rear. Before showing the motor, the presenter asks the owner if this car is registered or not. To this, he replies that the car only goes up to 25-30 km/h so it cannot be registered.

India’s 1 Lakh Rupee ‘Yazuka Karishma’ Electric Car Is Giving Off Tata Nano Vibes [Video]

Following this, the owner shows the motor of the car. He states that it gets a 1250W electric motor. The owner adds that the company offers a one-year warranty on this motor. During this period, if anything happens to the motor, they replace it with a brand-new motor.

He also shows the suspension of the car which gets normal shock absorbers. The presenter then asks about the range of the car. To this, the owner mentions that it comes with a 60V 45Ah battery and a Type 2 charger. The total estimated charge time (0-100%) is 6-7 hours. Also, it offers a range of 50-60 km on a single full charge.

Yakuza Karishma: Interior Design

After showing the exterior, the presenter then shows the interior of the Yakuza Karishma EV. This car comes with a single front seat. It can be adjusted by moving forward or backward, and its recline angle can also be adjusted. Following this, the owner then mentions that two people can easily accommodate in the rear seat.

India’s 1 Lakh Rupee ‘Yazuka Karishma’ Electric Car Is Giving Off Tata Nano Vibes [Video]

He explains that this car is best suited for people who want a vehicle to go to nearby places. After this, he shows the dashboard of the Yakuza Karishma. It comes with power steering, a small digital screen, an odometer, power windows, a start-stop button, and a rotary gear knob to select between forward and reverse. The owner finally talks about the price of this car which is around Rs 1-2 lakh depending upon the discounts available at the time of purchase.