Yamaha FZ-X adventure motorcycle: What it’ll look like

Yamaha motorcycles had recently trademarked the name FZ-X in India. There are speculations that the Japanese two wheeler manufacturer might be planning to introduce a adventure tourer version of the popular FZ series motorcycle. These are just speculations and there is no surety whether Yamaha would even introduce the same here.

Meanwhile, there have been several render videos and images circulating on the internet that shows how the adventure version of the street motorcycle might look like. Here we have one such render image that shows how FZ-X might actually look like.

Yamaha FZ-X adventure motorcycle: What it’ll look like

The render has been created by on his Instagram page. Just like many other renders that we have seen in the past, this one is also based on the FZS 25 street motorcycle.

The render artist has made several changes to the bike to give it a rugged look. Starting with the front, the headlight is similar the what we have seen in the recently launched FZS 25. There is a decent looking black wind shield at the front.

One thing different about the FZ-X is that the headlight unit is connected to the fuel tank using a cowl. This is one of those elements that give it an adventure motorcycle vibe. Coming down, it gets telescopic front forks and the alloy wheels on FZ are replaced with spoke ones. It also gets dual purpose tyres both at the front and rear.

It looks like the ground clearance of the motorcycle has been increased by a bit. There is a black colour bash plate installed on the bike to protect the engine and there are knuckle guards on the handle too.

There is FZ-X branding on the side of motorcycle. the design of the fuel tank is similar to what we have seen in FZS. Another noticeable change here at the side profile is the exhaust. It gets an upswept blacked out exhaust similar to what we have seen in the many other motorcycles in the segment. Both front and rear get petal disc brakes too. Moving to the rear, the tail actually looks a bit higher than the street version.

The seats are split and there is a luggage rack that will also function as a grab rail is installed at the rear. The rear fender remains the same and the turn indicators are also seen here.

The render image imagines the FZ-X motorcycle to be an adventure motorcycle but, we don’t know whether Yamaha will actually be launching an adventure motorcycle. The main reason behind is because, Yamaha uses their FZ name only on their naked street motorcycles in India and international markets.

There is a possibility that Yamaha might launch a new version of the motorcycle with some cosmetic changes that will differentiate it from the regular FZ versions. In this case, they might even install a bunch of accessories to make it more capable for long distance touring. Yamaha will not be making any changes to the engine of the motorcycle. it will be available with the same engine and gearbox that is available with FZ and FZ25 motorcycle.