Yamaha FZ-X touring motorcycle rendered

Japanese two wheeler manufacturer Yamaha had recently trademarked the name FZ-X name in India. This indicates that the manufacturer is planning to come up with a new version of the street motorcycle. As of now, not much information is available about the upcoming motorcycle. There are rumours that Yamaha FZ-X is probably going to be an adventure motorcycle and we have already started seeing several speculative renders based on that. Here we have a speculative render based on those rumours that shows how the FZ-X adventure touring motorcycle from Yamaha might look like.

Yamaha FZ-X touring motorcycle rendered

The render image has been Y.S.D and he has done several modification and speculative renders of many other cars and bikes in the past. The FZ-X however is completely a product of his imagination as there is absolutely no information available regarding the motorcycle. The artist has designed the adventure tourer motorcycle based on the naked street FZ motorcycle that Yamaha sells in India and abroad.

Starting with the front, the stock FZ headlamp has been slightly redesigned and repositioned to give it a proper adventure motorcycle look. A decent looking windscreen has also been installed. In order to give it a proper adv look, the artist has given the FZ-X  a beak which look pretty good on the bike. According to the render image, FZ-X gets USD forks at the front and stock alloy wheels on FZ have been replaced by spoke wheels with dual disc brakes at the front.

Yamaha FZ-X touring motorcycle rendered

The fuel tank retain the shape as seen in regular FZ motorcycle but, the engine area is completely covered and there is sturdy looking crash guard as well. The exhaust has been re-routed as well. The seats look similar to what we have seen in FZ-S but there is a top box installed after the pillion seat. The rear wheel looks very chunky in artist’s imagination and it is also a spoked wheel with a large disc brake.

The render imagine the FZ-X to be a full fledged adventure motorcycle but, the chances are high that the upcoming FZ-X motorcycle will be based on the 150-cc, FZ-S motorcycle. Just like FZ-S and FZS 25 motorcycle, Yamaha is expected to launch this motorcycle with some cosmetic changes that will differentiate it from regular FZs. Another reason why we think that FZ-X won’t be a proper adventure tourer motorcycle is that Yamaha currently uses the FZ name only on their naked street motorcycles in India and international markets.

Yamaha FZ-X in that case is probably going to be a version of regular FZ-S motorcycle with a bunch of accessories on it. It is highly unlikely that, it would get spoke wheels. It is expected to be offered with the same set of alloy wheels and with some minor changes like a touring kit, little bit more ground clearance and may be a redesigned exhaust. As mentioned above, there is literally no information regarding the launch of this motorcycle. It is expected to be launched in the market sometime next year.