Yamaha FZ16 modified into a retro cafe racer motorcycle is absolutely GORGEOUS

Yamaha FZ16 modified into a retro cafe racer motorcycle is absolutely GORGEOUS

The Yamaha RX100 is a legendary motorcycle that’s now a prime collectible in India. The Yamaha FZ16 is a modern four stroke motorcycle that handles like a dream. Gear Gear Motorcycles has just turned the clock back to build a retro cafe racer based on a Yamaha FZ16. And the final motorcycle marries the looks of the Yamaha RX with the mechanicals of the FZ16 in an absolutely gorgeous way.

While the exact details of this modification job aren’t available, including the cost, the pictures do give us a fair idea of how the build has turned out. In terms of design, the Yamaha RX’s all-metal fuel tank assumes centerplace. The headlamp is a round unit, again harking back to the days of the RX. Another element straight from the 90s is the flat seat. These three elements – the fuel tank, headlamp and seat – come together to give the modified FZ the retro, RX look.

Mechanically, the motorcycle retains the FZ16’s 153cc, four stroke petrol engine fed by a carburetor. The stock airbox makes way for a pod filter while the exhaust is also an after market unit. Continuing the retro theme are the wire spoked wheels, which are shod with tyres that have an aggressive tread pattern. Other interesting details include a low set handlebar, an LED tail lamp and bar end mirrors. A yellow and black paint job finishes off the modification, giving it a funky yet classy look.

The stock Yamaha FZ16 that this motorcycle is based on featured a 153cc, four stroke engine with about 14 Bhp of peak power and 14 Nm of peak torque. The motorcycle’s claim to fame was its muscular looks and excellent handling. However, it felt underpowered due to a very fat rear tyre. In fact, the FZ16 felt overtyred for the kind of torque it’s engine made.

This modification has a much narrower tyre, which means that the engine’s full potential can be harnessed better. Moreover, the minimalist design of the modified motorcycle means that weight will be low, making it even peppier. All in all, this is one modification that’s done right. We like it.

Via GearGearMotorcycles