Yamaha MT-15 rider in Tamilnadu launches fireworks while wheelie-ing bike [Video]

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In an attempt to gauge the interest of netizens and become popular on social media, there is a race among the youth to do something different. However, in the pursuit of chasing creativity and fame, certain individuals perform acts that are the epitome of stupidity, thus creating a nuisance for others as well. Here is a recent video that proves this point, in which a motorcycle rider is performing a wheelie on an open road while also launching rockets mounted on its headlight.

A video depicting this act of stupidity has been shared by an X (formerly Twitter) user named “Lollubee”. In the video, a rider is seen attaching a bunch of rockets over the headlight of his heavily modified Yamaha MT-15, a motorcycle customized for performing stunts. However, what follows this clip left many netizens in wonder.

The video progresses with the Yamaha MT-15 rider performing a rolling wheelie on what looks like an open highway. While the rider is executing the stunt on his motorcycle, the bunch of rockets mounted on the headlight of his motorcycle starts burning one by one. The video shows crackers bursting northwards while the rider is performing a wheelie on his Yamaha MT-15, with the front wheel consistently pointing up. Another person accompanying the stunt rider had recorded this video and posted it on social media to garner “likes” and views.

Yamaha MT-15 rider in Tamilnadu launches fireworks while wheelie-ing bike [Video]

Responding to this post on X, many netizens have condemned this act of the motorcycle rider performing two stunts, both of which are dangerous for the rider and other fellow motorists. Some have pointed out the irresponsible behavior of the motorcycle riders while also calling out the local traffic police and administration to take suitable action against the MT-15 rider.

Performing stunts on the roads

Performing stunts on a motorcycle is a dangerous form of art that requires skills but at the cost of one’s safety. Many professional stunt riders perform their acts and showcase their acrobatic skills on two wheels with utmost precaution and safety while executing stunts in a closed environment wearing all the necessary safety gear.

However, this act of performing a wheelie on a highway is condemnable, and that too with the added risk of bursting crackers mounted on the motorcycle. This act puts the safety of both the motorcycle rider and other motorists at risk and could have turned into a fatal accident involving injuries to multiple people.