Yamaha MT-15 rider nearly falls off flyover after taking curve at high speed [Video]

yamaha mt15 rider surat flyover crash

We have mentioned several times in our articles that public roads are for everyone and not a place to perform stunts or show off skills. Any action that inconveniences other road users should not be encouraged on the road. There is a group of social media users who use bikes and cars to create viral content on social media. Reckless riders are also abundant on our roads, often causing accidents, and in some cases, resulting in fatalities. Here, we have an incident in which a Yamaha MT-15 rider almost falls off a flyover while attempting to take a curve at high speed.

The video has been uploaded by the Cyberabad Traffic Police on their YouTube channel. The video was recorded on the dash camera of a car in the same location. The exact location of the accident is unknown. In the video, we can see the car moving forward on a narrow flyover. As the car was moving, a biker overtakes the car from the left-hand side. The biker appears to be in a hurry, riding recklessly. In front of him, there is a curve on the flyover.

A typical person riding a bike or driving a car would slow down in such a situation. However, the biker did not. Since there were not many vehicles in front of him, he likely saw it as an opportunity to showcase his cornering skills. The biker twisted the accelerator and pushed the bike hard, without making any adjustments to make the situation safer. The bike started to drift wide, and before you knew it, the biker crashed into the safety wall of the flyover.

Yamaha MT-15 rider nearly falls off flyover after taking curve at high speed [Video]
Biker almost falls off flyover

The biker was thrown off the bike and almost fell off the flyover. The bike scraped against the wall and continued to move forward before falling. Just as this happened, other bikers stopped to check if he was okay. It seems like the guy was part of a bike group. Fortunately, the biker was unharmed in this crash. A few seconds after recovering from the shock, he can be seen running towards his bike, which had fallen in the middle of the road. His friend on another bike can be seen running towards the car, possibly to retrieve something the biker left behind.

This video is yet another example of why one should never attempt such stunts on public roads. It’s unclear if the biker was attempting this for the first time or not. Public roads should never be treated as a race track. If you genuinely want to learn such skills, there are many riding schools in our country that can teach you this art. You can learn how to be fast and take corners on a race track or a specially designed course. Performing such stunts on public roads is simply foolish. The biker was lucky to escape without any injuries. If he had fallen off the flyover, he would have been in serious trouble.