Yamaha MT15 Burnout Stunt Goes Wrong: Caught On Video

yamaha mt15 burnout stunt fail

We have repeated multiple times that performing stunts is an extremely dangerous endeavor. You might see a lot of people performing them on public roads and even on closed circuits. However, these people a lot of times suffer failure and end up hurting themselves. In the process, they also damage their vehicles. Recently, a video of one such epic burnout fail has been shared online.


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Yamaha MT-15 Burnout Fail

In this short clip shared on Instagram by AshutoshBhagat96 on their page, a person was seen facing a failure during a burnout. We can note that a young man was performing a standstill burnout with his Yamaha MT-15 motorcycle. He can be seen holding the front brake of his bike and turning the accelerator.

What can also be observed is that he was taking support from a small step in front as well. However, after a while, it looks like the bike’s rear tyre, which was spinning and burning, eventually caught grip. Soon after, the bike moved and flung ahead.

During this, the biker could not control the bike. Following this, it hit a metal gate and the rider fell on his back. His bike had an almost 360-degree flip. Soon after, one of his friends slowly walked up to the biker to check if he suffered any injury.

Yamaha MT15 Burnout Stunt Goes Wrong: Caught On Video

Why Should You Not Perform Burnouts?

This is a question that does not need to be answered as most people know what the problems related to burnouts are. However, for those who may not be aware, here are reasons why you should not perform burnouts with your two-wheeler or four-wheeler.

The main reason is that performing a burnout causes significant damage and wear on tires. The tires fitted by the company have a specific lifetime, and performing burnouts can reduce their overall life due to the burning of rubber during a burnout. This can later cause tire blowouts and failures.

Additionally, burnouts strain the vehicle’s engine, transmission, and other mechanical components. They can potentially cause overheating, premature wear, or even damage to essential mechanical parts of a vehicle.

Also, one of the most important reasons to not perform a burnout is the risk of injury to the rider. Like we have seen in the video above, even though you may think that you are doing the burnout in a correct way, things can always go wrong and eventually injure the person performing the stunt. So it is advised to not perform a burnout in any condition.

Tyre-Burning Burnout

Over the years, people have shared numerous videos of them performing burnouts with their bikes. However, back in 2018, a unique video of a Hero Honda performing a burnout was shared online. In this video, a man was seen performing a burnout where his Splendor was seen resting against a flyover and doing a burnout.

The unique part about this video was that instead of white smoke from the tire, fire was seen coming out. This fire engulfed the entire tire, and it looked spectacular. Most likely, oil or any other inflammable substance was used to ignite the fire on the tire.