India's FIRST 25 Bhp Yamaha R15: This is it [Video]

India’s FIRST 25 Bhp Yamaha R15: This is it [Video]

Talk affordable performance bikes and the first name to pop up in many minds would the Yamaha YZF-R15. The sporty R15 may only be of 150 cc but it easily overpowers bigger displacement bikes. One of the best aspect about the bike is its Deltabox frame chassis, which is the reason why it handles so sweetly. It is also popular among the modification circuit with many wild examples present across the country. However, quite a few people go for full blown performance oriented mods on their R15. Here is one such bike, owned by Abhinav Bhatt. Let’s now take a look at the video before indulging in further details.

The bike in question here is the latest V3 of the Yamaha R15. It is the most powerful and advanced R15 yet and has been appreciated by one and all for it track prowess. Now this owner in particular bought this bike only for track usage purposes. Acoording to him, he bought the R15 as a tool to get better at the track before graduating onto bigger bikes. The Yamaha R15 is a perfect bikes for beginners who want to take up the basics of professional riding. In the video, the owner has not made all the changes on the bike yet but has bought all the upgrades and equipment and they just need to be installed onto the bike. Let’s now see what all is in store for this particular R15.

First of all, the R15 has been fitted with sticker Metzeler Tires which provide better traction and control over the motorcycle. The tires are shod to gorgeous multi spoke golden alloy wheels. The braking system on the bike has also been enhanced and the bike now features radially mounted master cylinder, steel braided front brakeline along with Brembo brake pads Another modification that is already present on the bike is the Daytona exhaust, which has resulted in an increase in acceleration. However the top end grunt of the bike has taken a hit because of it and it can no longer hit the same top speed as before.

Yamaha R15 Motogp Edition Featured

Coming onto the modifications that are planned to be done on the bike first in line is a new custom ECU. The unit is imported from Indonesia and will raise the rev limit of the bike to a much higher range. The camshaft will also be replaced with the new one again imported from Indonesia. In fact, almost all the parts that the owner has bought have been either imported from Indonesia or Thailand. The valve springs on the engine will also be replaced by newer ones. Other enhancements include a tuning cable for ecu, a racing coil and iridium spark plug. A custom air filter will also be fitted onto the bike to help it breathe more easily.

Cosmetic upgrades that will be made on the bike include matching golden rear sprocket and golden chain. A new stylish clutch lever, comfortable hand grips and a new double bubble windscreen are among the other changes that will be made on the bike. The overall cost of purchasing and importing of all these products has totaled to a huge sum of Rs. 60,000. Coupled with the cost of fitment and maybe some more enhancements, the total cost could easily reach around the sum of Rs. 1 lakh.

Meanwhile, Yamaha has just launched a dual channel ABS equipped version of the R15 V 3.0. This is the first 150cc motorcycle in India to get a dual channel ABS, making it the safest in its segment. The dual channel ABS equipped Yamaha R15 starts from Rs. 1.39 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.

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