Yamaha R15 modified into a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike lookalike [Video]

Modification is an art. In India, we have number of modification and custom house for vehicle modifications. We have seen several examples of modified motorcycles and cars in the past and we have featured some of them on our website too. One of the popular motorcycles that is commonly used for modification project is Royal Enfield. Another common type of modification in converting a regular bike into something that looks like Suzuki Hayabusa. Here we have a video that shows a Suzuki Hayabusa lookalike which is actually a Yamaha R15 undeneath.

The video has been uploaded by Vampvideo on their youtube channel. The video shows a modified Yamaha R15 motorcycle that looks like a Busa. The modification on this motorcycle has been done by Bittoo Bike Modifications, New Delhi. It gets the all-new 2020 paint job and sticker work. The Bittoo bike modifications has definitely done a great job when it comes to the looks. They have tried their best to replicate the Hayabusa using Yamaha R15.

It is not known whether they used the new gen R15 or used the older version. Yamaha R15 already has a sports bike like riding position and that has definitely made things easier for the modifiers. The front gets the same fairing as Hayabusa with HID lights and turn indicators integrated in it. The suspension set up remain the same as before but the front wheel gets an extra disc plate to justify the look (only one functions). The fuel tank, handle bar even the speedometer has been replicated on this bike. The design on this replica is spot on and some people will definitely be amused when they would know that it actually is a humble Yamaha R15 underneath.

Yamaha R15 modified into a Suzuki Hayabusa superbike lookalike [Video]

The engine used in this Hayabusa replica remains the same as before. No changes are made to engine and it generates the same amount of power as before. What this means is that in comparison the original Hayabusa, it is missing 3 cylinders and the although it has custom made twin exhaust setup, it does not sound like a Hayabusa. The rear gets the same bulky design with the same size tyre as Busa.

The modifications done on this bike are great and the modification house has definitely given attention to detail. The time took to complete this bike was around 4-5 months and if anyone is interested in building such a bike, they can directly contacl Bittoo Bike Modifications on 8505988160.

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