Yamaha R15 rider’s near miss at 128 Kph shows why speeding is so RISKY [Video]

India was listed as the fourth largest automobile manufacturer in the world in 2017 and the numbers have only gone up since then. Almost every car and bike manufacturer in the world has a presence in our market including biggies like Ferrari, Aston Martin, Ducati and MV Agusta among others. What we don’t have, however, is the proper road infrastructure across the country which could sustain the load of all the cars in our country.

Though the road network has seen improvements of late, some of the major challenges that remain to be tackled include jaywalkers, potholes, stray animals and most importantly, poor driving habits of the masses. This is the reason why it is advised to drive under the speed limits in India as it minimizes the risk of getting tangled in an unfortunate situation due to the fault of any of the aforementioned elements. The video below by Gallivanter07 shows a similar scene where a Yamaha R15 V3 rider had a close call with his fate during a highway ride.

As seen in the video, the rider was going at pretty high speeds on a highway which is a common practice across the country. According to the video, the bike was at around 128 km/h at the point of time when the near-miss happened. Two women, who were apparently pulling each other to the opposite side being confused about crossing the road or not, come in way of the R15 rider which is quite terrifying when seen on video. Call it luck or the rider’s skills, a major mishap was prevented and the bike zoomed from in between the two women. Both the rider and the women were quite taken aback by this incident which is pretty natural for anyone who just witnessed a near-death experience.

Yamaha R15 Near Miss Featured

This is quite a chilling reminder for everyone who drives a car or rides a bike and highlights why one should be under the official speed limits when on road. Usually, Indian highways are capped at 80 km/h while some have a higher top speed allowance of 120 km/h. But most of the vehicles, like this Yamaha R15 V3 here, zoom well past even 120 km/h which often results in unfortunate casualties.

It is not about how well you can drive/rider or how good your skills are on a vehicle. The thing is that if any unpredictable element pops out of nowhere and lands in front of you, one can do nothing but face the wrath of his fate. Even a slight touch by one of the woman could have been fatal for both the rider as well as the women.

All bikes above 125 cc engine displacement in India, therefore, now come fitted with ABS after a government mandate. ABS is a big help in sticky situations like this and can often create a difference between life and death. The government is also working on making our cars safer by the introduction of BNSVAP along with several other norms. However, until and unless we don’t take a step forward ourself and strive to become better riders/drivers, a full reform can’t take place.

Close Call 2

Many might argue that the R15 rider here was not at fault and those women are the culprit here but folks, here is the thing. Riding at speeds like 128 km/h on Indian roads is not only punishable by law but is also an utterly dangerous practice that shouldn’t be encouraged. If you want to test your bike’s limits, hit a local track or any abandoned, empty stretch of road with all riding gear in place. That might be a bit tough to follow but will definitely satiate your hunger for speed and performance along with making you a much calmer rider on public roads. We urge all our readers to ride/drive safe and always follow the traffic rules which can help us all build a better India.