Yamaha R15 rider carelessly changes lanes on busy road, causes crash: Caught on CCTV

The road connectivity and infrastructure in most metro cities have improved over the years. We now have several highways, elevated roads, and flyovers in the city that help in minimizing traffic. However, when it comes to riding or driving culture, we are still far behind compared to other countries. Although things are improving in many parts, we still come across incidents where careless or impatient behavior from a road user has led to accidents. Here we have a video that proves the same. The video shows how a careless biker causes an accident on a busy road inside the city.

The video has been shared by Cyberabad Traffic Police on their YouTube channel. It was recorded by a CCTV camera installed by the authorities on a road in Gachibowli in July this year. The exact time of the accident is not mentioned in the video. Regardless of the time, there were many vehicles on the road. In the video, we see a Yamaha R15 biker coming towards the camera from the rightmost lane. He has his head turned to the left, probably looking for an opportunity to change lanes.

It should be noted that the rider did not engage the turn indicator in this case. He suddenly changed lanes, and while the autorickshaw, car, and some bikes behind him managed to slow down, there was a scooty rider whom the R15 rider had not seen or perhaps ignored. The scooty rider came straight and crashed into the rear of the R15. As a result, the R15 rider lost control and fell on the road almost immediately. Both the R15 rider and the person on the scooter were wearing riding helmets. They both fell down, affecting the movement of traffic on the road. Fortunately, some of the road users immediately stopped and came forward to help both parties.

Yamaha R15 rider carelessly changes lanes on busy road, causes crash: Caught on CCTV
R15 crashes into scooter

The video mentions that this was a non-fatal accident, and both of them escaped without any injuries. If you look carefully into the video, you will realize that the R15 rider was not actually trying to change lanes but was attempting to exit the road. He had probably missed the exit and was now trying to get to the other side of the road so that he could continue his ride. This behavior was not appropriate. In this case, what the R15 rider should have done was simply go straight and take some other route or take a U-turn to attempt the exit again.

From the extreme right lane, he turned his bike towards the leftmost lane or the exit, which is not practical. One should always change one lane at a time. This way, you can always keep track of the vehicles coming from the rear. Additionally, you should use proper signals like turn indicators to ensure that your vehicle is visible to others. Both the riders were lucky in this case, and they did not end up with major injuries. However, their bikes and scooters might have gotten scratches or dents. Once again, the rider should have been a lot more patient.