Watch this turbocharged Yamaha R15 hit 180 km/h [Video]

The Yamaha YZF-R15 is a popular bike not only in India but across the globe. It is considered to be the perfect bike for those who want to learn about the finer details of moto riding at a beginner level. Though it has only a 150 cc engine, its excellent Delta-box frame coupled with low kerb weight makes it pretty fun to ride bike. It is a hot favourite among modifiers too, though serious engine mods are not that commonplace in India. For the same, we today have brought you a modified R15 that can reach speeds up to 180 km/h. Well, that’s pretty high for a 150 cc bike. Let’s now check out the video below by tuneboss thailand and here that loverly turbo whine.

The testing is being done in Thailand and so the R15 here is a Thai spec model. The major modification done on this bike is the fitment of an aftermarket turbo unit. This has lead to a spike in its performance by a substantial margin and the bike. As seen at the end of the video, the power output of the R15 here stands at 22.9 hp, which is a quite a jump from its original value. To let you know, the stock R15 is powered by a 155 cc, single cylinder, liquid cooled engine, that produces 19.2 Bhp of power and 15 Nm of torque.

Also to note here is the fact that there is a difference between Bhp and HP, though the difference is very slight. Bhp is actually the measurement of an engine’s power without any power losses, while HP is BHP less the power losses. In easier language, HP is measured by hooking up the engine to a dynamometer, while BHP is measured in a controlled environment without anything attached to the engine. However, as stated earlier, the difference is very slight.

Watch this turbocharged Yamaha R15 hit 180 km/h [Video]

The Turbocharger fitted on the R15 here does all the work here and makes the bike reach speeds up to 180 km/h. Turbocharging an engine is a way to introduce forced induction to the engine. It is readily used in cars for a long time. One of the major benefits of using a turbocharger is that it allows a lower displacement engine to churn out more power, as in this case. But the installation and calibration of a turbocharger so as to make it work properly is not easy. Turbo lag is a major issue in such engines and more so in bikes because the engine speed on bikes changes more rapidly than cars. This is among the reasons why turbocharging is not very common on bikes.

Though this R15 has a rather mind blogging speed of 180 km/h, we are not sure how would it perform in the real world. This is because of factors like engine cooling among others needs to be kept in mind while making such mechanical changes on the bike. Also, the top speed of 180 km/h posted here is without any wind resistance so expect the actual speed to go down a little in the real world.