Yamaha R15 V3 vs Bajaj Pulsar RS200 drag race – Who wins [Video]

The Yamaha R15 V3 is easily the sportiest low-displacement performance-oriented motorcycle on sale in the country. The latest iteration of the R15 is the most powerful R15 till date. However, thanks to a high price tag, the R15 has always been a direct rival to motorcycles with a bigger engine. One such competitor of the R15 V3 is the Bajaj Pulsar RS200. Here is a video of a drag race between the two motorcycles.

In the first round, the R15 enjoys half a bike’s length of lead over the RS200, at least in the initial few seconds of the drag race. However, the RS200 zips past the Yamaha by the time the latter is doing roughly 80 kmph in fourth gear. There on, the RS200 continues to widen the gap between the two motorcycles. The Pulsar is clearly a few meters ahead of the R15 by the end of the race. Also, while the R15 is seen hitting a speedo-indicated V-max of 146 kmph, the RS200’s speedo displays 151 kmph for a few moments. The RS200 is the clear winner of the first race.

For the second round, the riders exchange the motorcycles. In this round, the RS200 establishes a clear lead over its Japanese rival right from the word go. This time around, the Bajaj is clearly a few bike lengths ahead by the time the motorcycles reach 80 kmph. It continues to enjoy a great lead over the Yamaha till the end of the race. For the last round, the R15 gets a new rider. However, once again, the RS200 quickly establishes a huge lead over the R15 V3. Again, the RS200 manages to hit a V-max of 150 kmph on the speedo.

The results of these races aren’t really surprising. The Bajaj RS200 is powered by a 199.5-cc single-cylinder, fuel-injected engine that offers 24.5 PS-18.6 Nm. On the other hand, the R15’s 155cc, four-stroke unit churns out a maximum of 19.3 PS and 14.7 Nm. That said, the R15 has a kerb weight of 139 Kgs, which is significantly lower than RS200’s 165 Kgs. However, as is evident from the above video, the performance advantage that the RS200 enjoys is more than enough to make up for a slightly higher weight.

Via Ayush Verna on Youtube