Yamaha R15 V3 with DABAL exhaust has a throaty growl [Video]

The Yamaha R15 V3 was the most awaited bike in the Indian market before it was launched at the 2018 Auto Expo earlier this year. The R15 V3 is an entry-level sports bike that is inspired by the YZF-R1. The entry-level track bike attracts a lot of customers due to its sharp looks and state-of-the-art technology that it uses.

To make it even sportier, many owners go for customisation. One of the most customised parts of such high-performance bikes is the exhaust. Here is a performance exhaust from DABEL that costs around Rs. 12,500. The exhaust completely changes the way the R15 V3 sounds. The exhaust note becomes quite deep and it gets an overall throaty growl too. A performance exhaust, such as the one shown in the video, also increases the power output slightly but there has been no mention of the same in the video. Even while idling, the motorcycle sounds much better than the stock and it will surely turn heads.

Even Yamaha offers a performance exhaust as an optional accessory with the new R15 V3. The Daytona exhaust supplied by Yamaha increases power marginally. However, due to the high level of noise, the exhaust can only be used at private places like a race track. We are not sure if it is legal to use the DABEL on public roads but given the exhaust’s loud note, cops may stop bikes with such modifications. Recently, cops have started to crack down on Royal Enfield motorcycles with modified exhausts around India and soon other motorcycles like these may be affected too.

The Yamaha R15 V3 is powered by the new 155-cc, four-stroke engine that is the same as the international model. The engine gets Yamaha’s variable valve timing and produces a maximum power of 19.3 PS at 10,000 rpm and a peak torque of 14.7 Nm at 8,500 rpm. The high revving engine gets four-valve heads and runs a single overhead camshaft, and fuel is delivered through an injection system. It gets a 6-speed transmission. The new R15 V3 is the quickest bike in the segment and is the most powerful too.