Yamaha R15 V4 sportsbike spied testing in India [Video]

It seems like Yamaha is gearing up for the launch of the R15’s V4. The current R15 V3 was launched in India back in 2018. The video is uploaded on YouTube by Abhinav Bhatt. In the video, we can see two camouflaged motorcycles that resemble a lot of the current R15. The video is shot in Ghaziabad, Delhi.

The rear looks quite similar to the current R15. It has a similar tail to the LED tail lamp. Even the silencer and the grab handles look the same. The main difference that we can make out from the video is the different front headlamps.

The R15 no longer gets bi-LED headlamps. They are now replaced by a single LED projector unit that is vertically stacked. There is a high chance that the projector setup has been borrowed from the MT-15 which is the naked cousin of the R15. The overall design of the fairing now looks inspired by the R7.

Yamaha R15 V4 sportsbike spied testing in India [Video]

The mechanical bits are expected to stay the same as the current R15. SO, it will be a  155cc, single-cylinder unit that is liquid-cooled. The engine produces 18.6 PS of max power and a peak torque output of 14.1 Nm. The engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox with a slip and assist clutch.

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Another equipment that the R15 gets is the VVA or Variable Valve Actuation. We usually see this technology in cars. It helps in making the power delivery consistent throughout the rev range. Usually, the power of the engine is available only in a specific rev range. VVA tries to optimize the power delivery so that the rider gets constant power from the engine.

Yamaha R15 V4 sportsbike spied testing in India [Video]

There is also another possibility that Yamaha is testing a mild facelift of the R15. So, it gets a new front fascia and some redesigned elements. Yamaha could add support for Yamaha Connect mobile application to the R15.

There are two versions of the mobile application. There is Connect X and Connect Y. The Connect Y comes with a rev dashboard, maintenance recommendations, malfunction notification, phone battery level indicator, fuel consumption and much more. When compared Connect X offers more basic features such as SMS alerts, parking records, riding history, incoming call notifications, battery voltage etc.


Yamaha has also introduced accessories for their motorcycles. You can get several of them for the R15. Yamaha offers LED turn indicators priced at Rs. 1,490 for a set of two pieces, a seat cover priced at Rs. 430 and tank pad to protect the fuel tank from scratches for Rs. 225. Then there is a frame slider which is priced at Rs. 2,450. It can protect the motorcycle against light falls and crash. Yamaha is also offering a skid plate for only Rs. 500. It can help in protecting the underbelly of the motorcycle against steep speed breakers. Finally, there is a mobile charger that can come in handy when you are travelling and need to charge your mobile device. It costs Rs. 750.



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