Yamaha R15 with folding mirrors & touchscreen is straight from the future [Video]

All of us must have often seen movies which showed cars and bikes which could do much more than just moving from one place to other. From James Bond’s invisible Aston Martin to recent Kingsman’s tech laden London Taxi Cab, our fantasies have been given a full dose to keep them up. However, some mortals among us believe more in doing rather than just watching and fantasizing. Today, we bring you two videos of the same bike showing how a guy has created a real life gizmo laden bike which could even make James Bond envious. Take a look at the first video before we start breaking up the details to you.

Cool, ain’t it. The bike in question is a Yamaha YZF-R15 V2.0 which has now been turned into a lewd dream for many. Called the Raptor, this Yamaha R15 has features which will put many modern cars to shame in terms of sheer features. Starting with the key, it is now a Yamaha branded fold-able key fob with many built in features, but more on that later.

The bike also features an uber cool system of auto folding/unfolding mirrors and the way they operate is really radical. Other small but cool touches include a glowing ring around its keyhole and a beep sound system to indicate that the side stand’s still out or not. Also, since this is the V2 version, the owner has fitted high RPM warning light as in the V3 Yamaha R15.

Then there’s a button which acts as a pillion seat ejector. Well not really, but it works in the same fancy way. you push a switch on the centre console and the rear seat pops up, unlocked. There’s another switch which activates remote function, which enables the keyfob to employ the car like follow me home feature! The headlights are also custom built units as the whole body kit.

This is the next video of the series in which the owner introduces some other sci-fi tricks which dwell in this modified bike. Take a look.

In this part of the video, we see how the guy fabricated and made all the panels and fitments himself. However, the most advanced feature on this bike amongst all others is a touchscreen panel fitted above the fuel lid. It actually is a Samsung smartphone but has been cleverly reprogrammed and installed in the bike. It runs on the bike’s battery and opens up with a welcome note showing Yamaha R15.

The screen displays navigation, caller id, bike info, and god knows what else as it still is in the development phase. Other features include the headlights which come on automatically when they sense it’s dark, an in-built mobile charger and lastly, a custom designed, Bluetooth enabled helmet which is painted in the same colours as the bike.

This one is truly among the most innovative modification job we’ve come across lately.