Yamaha RX100 modified into a Cafe Racer is retro chic

The Yamaha RX 100 has been a darling of the Indian motorcycle community since it was first launched in 1985. Despite the demise of the two-stroke motorcycle in India, the RX 100 remains a favourite of customizers across the country. So, let’s check out one of these custom RX 100s built by Keyur Bhagat in Surat.

rx 100 cafe racer kb customizaations

Keyur Bhagat is the owner of KB Customizations and has been customizing bikes from old Yamahas to current KTMs from his custom shop in the city of Surat in Gujarat. The exquisite RX 100 seen in this article is the latest custom bike to exit his shop and shows how a good custom mod should be done on the venerable RX 100.

The custom Yamaha RX 100 by KB Customizations features minimalistic tweaking of the bike’s design giving it the look of a cafe racer. Mr Bhagat has extended the front jumpers and has covered the rear seat with a clip on cowl to give it the cafe racer look. To make the little RX 100 stand out from the crowd, it has been given a custom yellow paint job with a thick blue split stripe running across the fuel tank and above the RX 100 badge on the side, paying tribute to Yamaha’s old racing livery.

rx 100 cafe racer


The rest of the bike has been kept stock so that means that the 98cc two-stroke, reed valve, air-cooled, single-cylinder torque induction engine remains unchanged. The two-stroke engine cranks out an impressive 11bhp @ 8,500rpm and 10.39Nm of torque @ 6,500rpm propelling the Yamaha RX 100 to a top speed of 120km/h.

The RX 100’s production run lasted from 1985 to 1996 and during that time it became a favourite among those who loved to race their bikes on drag strips. Tuned RX 100s in the hands of the right rider can do a standing quarter mile in just over 14 seconds. The demise of the two-stroke bike due to emission norms means that there are not many of these beauties still on the streets today and a good second-hand RX 100 can sell at a really high premium. While we do not know the details about the price tag of the Custom RX 100 cafe racer, most people wouldn’t mind coughing up the cash, no matter the price.

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