Yezdi Roadster Review: A Stylish and Capable Cruiser for the Indian Market

Yezdi Roadster review

The cruiser bike segment has always held a special place in the hearts of motorcycling enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of style, comfort, and laid-back riding. In the Indian market, the Yezdi Roadster has emerged as a strong contender, capturing the essence of the classic cruiser while infusing it with modern features and performance. With its striking design and capable engine, the Yezdi Roadster aims to appeal to riders who seek a balance between nostalgia and contemporary riding dynamics.

Yezdi Roadster Review: A Stylish and Capable Cruiser for the Indian Market

In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into the Yezdi Roadster’s attributes, assessing its styling, performance, comfort, and value proposition. Whether you’re a seasoned cruiser enthusiast or a newcomer to the segment, join us as we uncover what makes the Yezdi Roadster a compelling choice in the Indian cruiser market.

Styling and Visual Appeal

The Yezdi Roadster’s design pays homage to the classic cruiser aesthetics while incorporating modern touches. The bike’s proportions are well-balanced, with a low-slung stance and a long wheelbase that accentuates its cruiser silhouette. The teardrop-shaped fuel tank, swooping fenders, and chrome accents contribute to its retro appeal. The Roadster is available in a range of attractive color options, including Inferno Red, Shadow Grey, Hunter Green, Glacial White, Smoke Grey, Sin Silver, and Steel Blue, catering to various tastes.

Attribute Yezdi Roadster
Tail Light LED
Wheels Type Spoke
Headlight LED

The LED headlight and tail light add a modern touch, while the spoke wheels maintain the classic cruiser look. The Yezdi Roadster’s attention to detail and high-quality paint finish showcase its superior craftsmanship, making it a visually appealing choice in the cruiser segment.

Yezdi Roadster Review: A Stylish and Capable Cruiser for the Indian Market

Engine and Performance

At the heart of the Yezdi Roadster lies a potent 334cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, liquid-cooled, DOHC engine. This powerplant delivers an impressive 29.7 PS of peak power at 7,300 rpm and a maximum torque of 29 Nm at 6,500 rpm. The engine’s characteristics are tailored to provide a strong low-end and mid-range punch, which is crucial for a cruiser bike. The fuel injection system ensures precise throttle response and optimal fuel efficiency.

Attribute Yezdi Roadster
Engine Type Single cylinder, 4 Stroke, Liquid Cooled, DOHC
Displacement 334 cc
Peak Power 29.7 PS @ 7300 rpm, 29 PS @ 7300 rpm
Max Torque 29 Nm @ 6500 rpm, 29.40 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Fuel Supply Fuel Injection
Cooling System Liquid Cooled

The Yezdi Roadster’s exhaust note is throaty and adds to the bike’s character. The engine’s refinement is commendable, offering a smooth and vibration-free riding experience. The liquid cooling system ensures optimal thermal management, allowing the engine to perform consistently even in demanding conditions. Overall, the Yezdi Roadster’s engine strikes a fine balance between performance and rideability, making it well-suited for both city rides and highway cruising.

Yezdi Roadster Review: A Stylish and Capable Cruiser for the Indian Market

Comfort and Ergonomics

The Yezdi Roadster prioritizes rider comfort, offering a relaxed and upright riding position. The single seat is well-cushioned and provides ample support for long rides. The handlebars are positioned for a comfortable reach, allowing the rider to maintain a natural posture. The bike’s ergonomics are designed to accommodate riders of different heights, ensuring a comfortable fit for a wide range of individuals.

Yezdi Roadster Review: A Stylish and Capable Cruiser for the Indian Market

Attribute Yezdi Roadster
Seat Type Single
Saddle Height 790 mm
Suspension Front Telescopic Fork & Coil spring
Suspension Rear Twin shock absorbers with gas canister

The suspension setup, comprising telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers with gas canisters at the rear, offers a plush ride quality. The suspension effectively absorbs bumps and undulations, providing a smooth and comfortable riding experience, even on less-than-perfect roads.

Ride Quality and Handling

The Yezdi Roadster’s ride quality is impressive, striking a balance between comfort and stability. The bike’s long wheelbase and well-tuned suspension contribute to its stable handling characteristics. At low speeds, the Roadster is maneuverable and easy to control, making it suitable for city traffic. As the speed increases, the bike feels planted and inspires confidence in the rider.

Attribute Yezdi Roadster
Wheelbase 1440 mm
Kerb Weight 194 kg, 184 kg

The Yezdi Roadster’s braking performance is commendable, with single-channel ABS ensuring safe and controlled stops. The bike’s cornering abilities are satisfactory for a cruiser, allowing riders to enjoy winding roads with ease. Overall, the Yezdi Roadster delivers a confidence-inspiring and enjoyable riding experience, suitable for both novice and experienced riders.

Yezdi Roadster Review: A Stylish and Capable Cruiser for the Indian Market

Customization and Aftermarket Support

The Yezdi Roadster offers ample opportunities for customization, allowing riders to personalize their bikes according to their preferences. The bike’s classic design serves as a perfect canvas for aftermarket modifications. Riders can choose from a wide range of accessories, including windshields, saddlebags, backrests, and engine guards, to enhance the bike’s functionality and style.

The availability of aftermarket parts for the Yezdi Roadster is extensive, with numerous options for exhaust systems, air filters, and performance upgrades. The bike’s popularity and dedicated fan base ensure a thriving aftermarket community, making it easier for owners to find the right parts and accessories to suit their needs. Whether you prefer a stock look or a heavily customized machine, the Yezdi Roadster offers the flexibility to make it your own.

Real-World Riding Experience and Touring Capabilities

The Yezdi Roadster shines in real-world riding scenarios, offering a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The bike’s ergonomics and suspension setup make it well-suited for long rides and touring. The relaxed riding position reduces fatigue, allowing riders to cover substantial distances without discomfort.

Attribute Yezdi Roadster
Fuel Capacity 12.5 l
City Mileage 28.53 kmpl
Highway Mileage 32.16 kmpl

With a fuel capacity of 12.5 liters and an impressive fuel efficiency of 28.53 kmpl in the city and 32.16 kmpl on the highway, the Yezdi Roadster offers a decent range for long-distance travel. The bike’s linear power delivery and well-spaced gearing make it effortless to cruise at highway speeds. While the Roadster may not come with dedicated luggage solutions, aftermarket options are readily available to enhance its touring capabilities.

Value and Ownership

The Yezdi Roadster offers excellent value for money in the cruiser segment. With a price range of Rs. 2,06,142 to Rs. 2,12,642, the bike is competitively priced, considering its features, performance, and build quality. The Roadster is available in eight variants, catering to different budgets and preferences.

Yezdi Roadster Review: A Stylish and Capable Cruiser for the Indian Market

Variant Price
Yezdi Roadster Dark – Inferno Red Rs. 2,06,142
Yezdi Roadster Dark – Shadow Grey Rs. 2,08,829
Yezdi Roadster Dark – Hunter Green Rs. 2,08,642
Yezdi Roadster Dark – Glacial White Rs. 2,06,142
Yezdi Roadster Dark – Smoke Grey Rs. 2,06,142
Yezdi Roadster Chrome – Sin Silver Rs. 2,12,642
Yezdi Roadster Dark – Steel Blue Rs. 2,08,642
Yezdi Roadster Dual Tone Rs. 2,08,829

The bike’s build quality is impressive, with attention to detail and high-quality materials used throughout. The Yezdi Roadster’s reliability is backed by the brand’s extensive service network, ensuring peace of mind for owners. When compared to its competitors, the Yezdi Roadster offers a compelling package, delivering on style, performance, and value.


The Yezdi Roadster is a strong contender in the Indian cruiser bike market, combining classic styling with modern performance and features. Its striking design, capable engine, and comfortable ergonomics make it an attractive choice for riders seeking a balance between nostalgia and contemporary riding dynamics. The bike’s customization potential and extensive aftermarket support further enhance its appeal.

While the Yezdi Roadster may not be the most technologically advanced cruiser in the market, it more than makes up for it with its charming character and solid performance. Its competitive pricing and impressive build quality make it a value-for-money proposition in the segment.

Overall, the Yezdi Roadster is a compelling choice for riders who desire a stylish, capable, and affordable cruiser bike that can handle both city rides and long-distance touring with ease.