You’ll have to pay to have ‘BOSS’ and ‘PAPA’ in your registration plates

Want a ‘BOSS’ or a ‘PAPA’ in your vehicle’s registration plate? Get ready to pay extra! The regional transport office (RTO), Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, has come up with a list of 25 numbers that will become ‘paid’ numbers akin to VIP numbers like ‘0001’. The fancy numbers that we are talking about actually read like words when written in certain styles and fonts. For example, 8055 becomes BOSS and 4141 becomes PAPA when written in a Hindi font. Even 0214 is being written as RAM by many in a Hindi font.

You’ll have to pay to have ‘BOSS’ and ‘PAPA’ in your registration plates

RTO officials are of the belief that charging for such numbers will serve two purposes – 1. It will discourage the practice of such fancy number plates. 2. It will help the RTO collect additional revenues. The proposal has been sent to the state transport department for approval. It may be noted here that a registration number has to be to be written in compliance with the specifications in Section 51 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. Hence, having a fancy font for the registration number is punishable under law. However, a small fine of Rs 100 doesn’t really discourage people from having a fancy font. “Putting a price tag on such numbers might discourage the practice of stylish number plates,” said ARTO (administration), Lucknow, Raghvendra Singh.

In a proposal sent to the state transport, RTO has clearly stated that such fancy numbers are in high demand and people even wait for weeks to get such numbers. Often, people keep their vehicles unregistered till they get the registration numbers of their choice. Moreover, it pressurizes RTO employees to allot such numbers as there are too many requests for the same number. The state transport department conducts an online auction of as many as 350 registration numbers. It now looks like even the aforementioned fancy numbers will be included in the list. We feel that the proposal to charge for registration numbers that can be made to look like ‘BOSS’ using a stylish font is a smart move to curb all such practices.  What do you think?

via TOI