Youngsters take selfies on moving car’s bonnet: Fined Rs. 7,500

With the rise in digital surveillance, the cops are now even more armed to catch the rule violators. A few days after the cops of Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh issued a massive challan to a person who was doing push-ups on the top of a Mahindra Scorpio, two youths clicking selfies on a moving car received a massive challan.

The video from Firozabad became viral on the Internet. As soon as the cops noticed the video, they noted down the registration number of the car and issued a challan of Rs 7,500 to the youths. The youngsters were booked under various sections of the MV Act and IPC.

The incident happened near the district headquarters of Firozabad. Both the youths are aged around 20 years. Both the youngsters have been identified too. One of them is Rohit Kumar and the other one is Sandeep Kumar and both are residents of the city. The third person Ajay Diwakar was driving the car. According to the police, all three are students and are enrolled in a college.

Superintendent of police (city) Mukesh Chandra Mishra said to TOI,

“Taking serious cognizance of the video, traffic police fined Rs 7,500 challan to the owner of the vehicle. They have been booked under IPC sections 279 (rash driving or riding on a public way) and 336 (act endangering life or personal safety of others). Those violating the Motor Vehicles Act will have to face strict action,”

Doing stunts on public roads

Doing any kind of stunts on public roads is highly illegal and the violators can even go to jail along with paying massive fines. Doing stunts on public roads can land you in a spot due to various reasons. If anyone wants to practice stunting or want to record videos, it should be done on private property such as race tracks and even farmhouses. Also, one should take note that such stunts are extremely dangerous.

The video of the youths shows them sitting on the bonnet of the vehicle while it is moving through the traffic. Both the youngsters are clicking pictures and also talk to each other while the vehicle keeps on moving. None of them is wearing any kind of safety equipment like a helmet or protective gears like a knee pad or elbow protectors. Any mishap can go wrong during such stunts. Imagine just slipping down from the bonnet while the vehicle keeps on moving. It can end in a disaster.

Youngsters take selfies on moving car’s bonnet: Fined Rs. 7,500

Such incidents becoming viral means that more people get inspired to do such stunts on the public roads. One should always ensure that such stunts should always be done with utmost care and expert help. While we see such things online and on television, they are done with highly trained professionals who use safety harnesses, in case anything goes wrong. Without these safety nets, one can get seriously injured.

The police have started sending challans online so they do not need any physical presence at the time of the incident. A small clip of the violation or even CCTV footage is enough evidence for the cops to book you.