You’re NOT opening the door of the car correctly [Video]

The current automobiles have come a long way from when they were first invented. Nowadays, you do not need to do most things. You just need to know how to drive the vehicle and for that there are several coaching schools available. However, there are some small things that if done wrong can harm you and others as well. One such small thing is how to open the door of the vehicle. It is something that we do frequently. But, most of us are doing it wrong. You might be thinking, how? Well, keep reading and you will know.

After a car stops the first thing that most of us do is open the door. By now, it is an instinct for most people to pull the door handle and get out of the vehicle. It happens so fast that people do not even realize that it can be dangerous for other people. For instance, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists can get hurt. There have been many incidents where the occupant did not look behind and the person coming from behind hit the door. This might look like a small thing but it has even caused deaths.

So, it is important that you always look behind the opening door. Incidents involving opening the door without looking are not only common in India but also in other developed countries. Despite, drivers following all the traffic rules such accidents happen.

We can see in the video above, that the cyclist was just riding his cycle in the correct lane. Then suddenly, the rear occupant opens the door. The door slams on the cyclist and he falls on the road. He was very close to hitting a car that was going in the next lane. The video is from some other country and is not shot in India. Moreover, the footage also shows the importance of a dashcam. Because of the dashcam, there is proof that the cyclist did not do anything wrong. This accident could have been very lethal for the cyclist as the corner of the door hit his shoulder. It could have been his neck but he was saved by some microseconds.

You would not like to be at the place of the cyclist. Right? So, there is a way you can avoid hitting someone like this. The technique is called “The Dutch Reach”.

The Dutch Reach

The Dutch Reach technique was developed in the Netherlands. To be more specific, it was developed in Amsterdam because it has more cycles than the people living there. The technique was specifically developed to protect pedestrians and cyclists. The technique is also taught to children when they are in school.

The technique is to use the far hand to open the door. So, if you want to open the left door, you should use your right hand and if you want to open the right door then you should use your left hand. By doing so, you will be forcing your body to move toward the back and you would be able to see what is coming from behind.