Youth claims Corona symptoms: Jumps in front of a car to get noticed, tested [Video]

With the COVID-19 pandemic spreading throughout the country at a rapid rate, there are many who are scared that they might have caught the virus. Due to the limited number of test kits available with the authorities, only a few people who are showing symptoms of the virus are getting tested by the government. A youth in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh came to the middle of the road and did some drama to get himself a COVID-19 test. He even jumped in front of a car of a government official.

The incident took place at Begumpul Chowraha, Meerut. A person reached the spot and started demanding for COVID-19 test from the authorities. He started stopping the vehicles at the spot and even jumped in front of a car.  The youth said that he is COVID-19 positive.

The youth claims that he is suffering from COVID-19 symptoms for a long time now. The youth also claimed that he tried contacting the health authorities and other related COVID-19 test centres but no one came to help him. He was demanding for a test from the police authorities. Higher officials arrived at the spot after they got to know about the incident. The officials then tried making him understand that the test happens through a process. However, the youth remained adamant and said that he wanted to the test to happen.

The police officials then called for an ambulance and asked the youth to go to a hospital for a COVID-19 test. The result of the test is awaited. The cops have not taken any action against the youth as they are waiting for the test result and will take action only after the result comes in.

Youth claims Corona symptoms: Jumps in front of a car to get noticed, tested [Video]

It should be noted that many states have made rules before a person can be tested for COVID-19. There are several physical conditions that the patient must show before the COVID-19 test is done. This is because of the shortfall of the COVID-19 test kits in India.

The authorities throughout India are facing a tough situation due to the COVID-19 outbreak. There are many hot zones that are reporting a high number of cases and the cops have sealed off these completely. In the other hand, the authorities have started reopening the markets and shops in the safe zones and allowing the businesses to open. The government is slowly lifting up restrictions across India and allowing people to go out of their homes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a major burden on the healthcare system of the country. The number of cases in India is close to 4 lakh now and is rising quickly.