Youth drives new Mahindra Thar into river and gets horribly stuck: Locals rescue [Video]

The Mahindra Thar is currently the most popular and affordable 4×4 SUV that one can buy in India. The SUV was launched in the market a few years ago, and even today, it has a long waiting period. It is an extremely capable off-road SUV, and many videos on the internet have proved this fact. Mahindra Thar is a capable off-roader, but that does not mean you can drive it to any tough or extreme terrain. Here, we have an incident from Andhra Pradesh where a Mahindra Thar owner learned this the hard way. He drove his Thar into a river and got stuck in it.

The video has been shared by Siraj Noorani, a Twitter user. The video shared online is only 14 seconds long. In this video, we can see a Mahindra Thar soft-top convertible SUV stuck inside a river. The caption of the post that shared this video mentions that the incident happened in the coastal district of NTR in Andhra Pradesh. Some boys drove the SUV into the river. It looks like when he drove the car in, the water level was quite low. After some time, the flow of water and water started increasing, and the SUV got stuck in the river. The post mentions that the youths were saved by villagers.

In this video, the SUV is seen stuck in the river. It is tilted to the driver’s side, and the front-end is completely underwater. The water had gotten into the engine bay as it was parked against the flow. We can see a tractor parked behind the Thar. It looks like the locals were trying to rescue the SUV. The horn of the Mahindra Thar was continuously blowing as water had gotten into the engine bay. We are not sure whether the driver of the Thar tried to start the SUV after the water level started to rise. If he did something like that, then he is probably in deep trouble. The post only mentions that youths were rescued by the locals; it does not mention anything about the SUV.

Youth drives new Mahindra Thar into river and gets horribly stuck: Locals rescue [Video]
Mahindra Thar stuck in river

We are not sure whether the locals had waited for the water level in the river to decrease so that they could easily pull the SUV out. In this short video, we cannot see the tractor pulling the SUV out. It is quite possible that the locals would have first rescued the boys trapped in the car and later came back to recover the SUV. In this video, we can see one person walking to the front of the SUV to check something.

Most modern vehicles have a lot of electrical components in them. When the car is driven through water, the chances of the wires getting short are quite high, and that would affect many functions. If your car gets stalled while in the water, it is best not to start the car again. In this case, the front-end of the Mahindra Thar was completely underwater. This means that the air intake is underwater, and if the driver attempts to start the car while it is in water, the air intake will suck in water into the engine, and that would make the engine hydrolocked. In order to resolve this issue, you would have to take the SUV to a workshop on a flatbed and then get the water out by opening the engine. This is a time and money-consuming process. It is best not to attempt such stunts with cars.

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