Youth fined for not wearing helmet destroys bike: Breaks down [Video]

After the new MV act was enforced in many states of the country, a lot of motorists who have received the fines have shown their disagreement and anger on video. Soon after the new fines were imposed, a couple of motorists who did not comply with the rules were fined by the traffic cops and they burned their bikes. Another similar incident has become viral on the social media where a biker from Meerut can be seen showing how disheartened he got after the cops handed him a fine.

The incident happened somewhere in the Meerut district but the exact location is unknown. The video made by the passerby shows that the man who received the fine tossing around his bike in the middle of the roads. As the drama unfolded cops kept on watching the youth destroying his motorcycle on the spot. A crowd gathered around and also started making the video.

The fine was handed over to the youth after he was caught for riding the motorcycle without a helmet. After tossing his bike around, the youth sat on the bike and started crying. The cops who fined the youth keep on looking and towards the end of the video, a couple of cops can be seen consoling the motorists.

Exact fine amount handed by the cops is not known but since it was only for riding without the helmet, the fine should not be too much. As per the latest MV Act, the fine amount for not wearing the helmet is Rs 1,000. It is a 10 times increase over the previous fine, which was only Rs 100. It should be noted that the new fines were imposed to reduce the number of people breaking the rules by imposing a higher amount of fines.

Youth fined for not wearing helmet destroys bike: Breaks down [Video]

Many motorists from various states have protested against the new fines and have also staged protests around the states. A few states have even rolled back the fines after receiving the ire of the motorists.

It should be noted that in many cases, the fines have been increased 10 times the previous fines. Accident rates are extremely high in India and many of them turn fatal. Most accidents that happen on the roads involve bikers and two-wheeler riders. The new fines were imposed to make sure that the motorists follow the rules strictly due to the fear of heavy fines but there are many who still prefer to break the laws.

One should always follow the traffic rules to remain safe on the roads. Breaking the traffic signals and not wearing seatbelts or the helmet can be extremely dangerous. It should also be noted that a few states have modified the rules to lower the fines but in the long run, it will just work against road safety.

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