Youth on a Hero Splendor blocks Govt bus for 4 kms: Gets thrashed [Video]

While there is a hefty fine for not giving way to the emergency vehicles in India, one can be issued a fine for obstructing regular traffic too. A video from Karnataka state shows a bike rider waving in front of a state government-run bus for four kilometres. The youth was later stopped and thrashed. MVD later imposed a fine on him too.

The incident happened in the middle of the day on September 26 at around 1:30 PM. The KSRTC bus was travelling from Kannur to Kasaragod when a bike rider came in front of the bus in Perumba. The rider started waving in front of the bus not allowing the state bus to overtake and forcing the driver to go very slowly.

The video is shot by a passenger from inside the bus and disgruntled conversations can be heard too. The video further shows two bikes overtaking the bus in a bid to stop the culprit. They overtake the culprit’s bike forcing him to stop.

The biker thrashed by the passengers

Youth on a Hero Splendor blocks Govt bus for 4 kms: Gets thrashed [Video]

In the video, the passengers of the bus and the persons who stop the biker start arguing with him and then thrashed him in the middle of the road. The bus passengers and driver made multiple requests to the biker to give them the way.

The video became viral on the Internet soon after the incident. The District Transport Officer filed a complaint based on the video. The MVD officers tracked the person with the help of registration details and slapped a hefty fine too.

According to the reports, the MVD issued a challan of Rs 10,500 on the culprit rider. The MVD issued the challan for riding the bike dangerously and blocking the way of other vehicles on the roads. The action came after from Motor Vehicle Inspector (Enforcement) PT Padmalai and Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspector (Enforcement) – Jijesh.

An official said,

“A passenger in the bus shot the video and it was posted on social media. We identified the person as Pranav from the registration number of the bike. A penalty of Rs 10,500 was slapped on him for riding the bike dangerously and blocking the way of the bus,”

Not giving way to emergency vehicles attract hefty fine too

Not giving way to emergency vehicles is an offence in India and the culprits can be booked for the same. However, there are regular instances where motorists just try to go ahead of the emergency vehicles on the road which delays the emergency vehicle. The new MV Act has a provision to challan as much as Rs 10,000 on the violators who deliberately block the way of emergency vehicles.

Not giving way to such important vehicles can create dangerous situations for the people who are in need of them. While there are strict rules for giving way in the developed countries, in India, most motorists do not even follow the lane-driving rule. However, it is imperative to always be on alert and let emergency vehicles pass through whenever they are in the mirror with their siren and flashers switched on.

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