Youth in Hyundai Creta crash at 130 Kmph: Seen cracking jokes after the crash (Video)

hyundai creta teens crash featured

High-speed accidents can leave many distraught and shaken. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with the youngsters who crashed the Hyundai Creta at high speed and then made jokes about it. One of them even boasted about the Creta being involved in another accident.

The video posted by the young individuals driving the car in Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, shows the Creta being driven at very high speeds. At one point, the video captures the vehicle reaching speeds of up to 130 km/h on the roads, constantly changing directions to avoid other vehicles.

Because the Creta was traveling at such a high speed, the driver lost control while attempting a turn. The car initially hit the side of a flyover and then collided with multiple trees on the opposite side of the road. The video reveals that both front airbags of the vehicle deployed, and all the occupants, presumably four in total, emerged safely from the vehicle.

Youth in Hyundai Creta crash at 130 Kmph: Seen cracking jokes after the crash (Video)

None of them sustained injuries in the accident. In fact, these youngsters were making jokes about the accident and how they were once again involved in another accident with the same car. Despite the incident, all of these young individuals were carefree about the situation and didn’t appear concerned about the accident at all. One of them mentioned on video that he was seated in the co-driver’s seat and came out from the vehicle without a scratch.

SUVs can be unstable at high speed

SUVs are inherently unstable in design. While SUVs have gained immense popularity worldwide, their original design was geared towards slow and rugged performance on rough terrains. However, the majority of SUV buyers today rarely drive them off-road, leading to the surge in sales of 4×2 SUVs that aren’t even considered true SUVs.

Due to their elevated ground clearance, SUVs are more prone to tipping over compared to standard hatchbacks or sedans. Extra caution is essential when driving SUVs at high speeds. The higher center of gravity caused by the increased ground clearance makes SUVs less stable, particularly when taking high-speed corners. In contrast, lower-profile cars like sedans feel more stable in such situations.

The heightened risk of tilting and rolling over is a result of SUVs’ elevated ground clearance. As a result, drivers, especially those transitioning from sedans, must exercise extra caution and attention while operating SUVs, especially around the corners.

Upcoming Creta scored 5-star safety rating

Hyundai is due to launch the new facelifted Creta next year in the Indian market. The car is already available in a few other international markets. It was tested by ASEAN NCAP and the car scored a perfect five star rating. The facelifted Hyundai Creta scored 27.78 points out of 32 for adult occupant protection and 39.67 points out of 51 for child occupant protection.