Youth rides Bajaj Pulsar with girlfriend seated on fuel tank: Arrested [Video]

Riding two-wheelers is a risky ordeal, but when it is mixed with some stupidity it becomes 100 times worst. Young people in India are known for doing some bizarre stuff but recently a couple was seen doing something extremely inappropriate and unsafe on public roads. A couple was seen riding on a motorcycle where the girl – instead of sitting behind the rider – was sitting in front of him.

Recently a young couple from Visakhapatnam was seen riding on the street on a Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle where the girl was sitting facing the rider on the fuel of the bike. She had her arms around the man who was riding the bike. The incident occurred on the main gate road of the gajuwaka Steel Plant in Visakhapatnam, and the two involved were reportedly college students. From the video, it can also be noted that both of them were not wearing a helmet as well.

The video of the couple went viral on the internet and reportedly the video was recorded by a family traveling in the same direction from their car. It has also been uncovered that following the incident the couple was detained by the police authorities. Additionally because the couple belonged to a college their identities were not revealed.

Youth rides Bajaj Pulsar with girlfriend seated on fuel tank: Arrested [Video]

It is to be noted that as weird as it may seem this not the first time that an instance of such sorts has occurred in the country. On the contrary this has happened a few more times in India. Previously in August of 2021, a video from Bihar showing a couple riding the bike in this exactly same weird way went viral as well.

The video from Bihar also showed a couple riding on a motorcycle where the lady was sitting on the fuel tank of the bike facing the guy, who was riding the motorcycle. They kept on riding on the empty roads without caring much about the surroundings. That is when the locals riding another bike spot them and started recording.

After a few seconds, the locals speed up and asked the couple to stop. Following this the locals started questioning the couple on why they are riding like that and where do they stay. After a few moments, the locals even say that they will call the cops. However, the couple says that they will not visit that place again and leave from there.

Furthermore prior to this incident another similar thing happened in Goa as well. A couple from Madhya Pradesh was seen riding their motorcycle in a similar fashion to the two couples above. Another motorist clicked pictures of them, which became viral. The Goa Police then traced the couple and handed them a challan of Rs 1,000 for riding in a dangerous way on the public roads.

Few individuals can avoid challans after pulling such pranks on public roads, as social media has grown to be a potent instrument.  Stunts of any sort are prohibited on public roadways, and perpetrators risk imprisonment in addition to severe penalties. Stunts on public roads might also get you into trouble for a variety of reasons. Anyone wishing to do stunts or wish to film should do it on private property.



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