Youth on Yamaha R15 stunts even after MVD warning: Arrested & license cancelled

The new breed of young motorists is always on the lookout for challenges. One such rider on Yamaha YZF-R15 is Vishnu from Kerala. After warning him, cops seized the motorcycle, arrested the biker and has also recommended RTO cancel his driving licence.

As per the report, the police stopped Vishnu for overspeeding in Trivandrum, Kerala. The cops did not issue a challan to the biker in the first instance. Instead, they gave him a warning and let go. However, Vishnu was not satisfied by the police action.

Vishnu protested the incident of cops stopping him and warning him by doing stunts on the public roads. He made a video by doing several stunts on the roads and then uploaded it on social media platforms. The video did become quite popular and was shared by many.

The team of police also saw the video and that’s when they took action against the biker. After tracing the registration details, the cops found the motorcycle and arrested the rider. That’s not all, the cops also seized the mobile phone, which was used to record the video of the stunt. All the seized objects were handed over to the court.

The police are now looking for other riders in the video but they have not got a hold of them yet. Police have now increased the vigilance in that area and keeping a close eye on anyone who breaks the rule or overspeeding.

Vishnu is released from jail

Youth on Yamaha R15 stunts even after MVD warning: Arrested & license cancelled

The court has granted bail to the biker after issuing a fine but the challan amount remains unknown. The police, however, has sent a request to the RTO to cancel the driving license of the individual. If the RTO cancels the license, Vishnu will not be able to ride any motor vehicle until he gets a valid license again. RTO does not issue a license for a certain period of time when the police ask to cancel the license. It means that Vishnu will remain without a valid license for a long time to come.

With the rise in digital vigilance, police keep a close eye on the public roads. The cops use a network of CCTV cameras to locate the violators and nab them. India has one of the highest road accidents in the world and one of the highest ratio of fatal accidents. Many road users lose their lives due to rash driving and not following traffic rules.

The aim of the surveillance is to reduce the number of people who do dangerous manoeuvres on the roads. The police have even started a crackdown on the vehicles that do not have rearview mirrors or do not use them. In Hyderabad, the cops have started issuing challans to the two-wheeler owners who do not have mirrors installed. The cops of other cities are expected to implement the same in the near future.