Youtuber Agastya Chauhan was doing 294 kmph on his Kawasaki Ninja superbike, say police

A few days after YouTuber Agastay Chauhan’s fatal crash on his superbike, the police released an official statement providing details of the accident. According to the SSP’s statement given to the media, the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R ridden by Chauhan was being driven at 294 kmph at the time of the accident. This conclusion was reached based on video footage retrieved from an action camera found at the accident spot.

One of the snapshots from the footage shows Chauhan riding his Kawasaki Ninja 1000 at a dangerously high speed of 294 kmph on the Yamuna Expressway, moments before the fatal accident. The SSP’s statement also mentioned that Chauhan was a repeat offender who had been warned several times in the past for his high-speed riding habits.

The Dehradun-based vlogger, who had a YouTube channel named “Pro Rider 1000,” was known among YouTube users as a young and fast rider. The police stated that Chauhan had been penalized many times before for reckless and dangerous riding and had even undergone a counseling session. However, all these efforts and penalties went in vain as the YouTuber lost his life while riding at high speeds on a superbike.

The police are still investigating the accident and are expected to conclude their findings soon. However, the initial results indicate that Chauhan’s reckless and careless riding was the cause of the accident. The broken Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R after the accident further supports this theory.

Unfortunately, the desire for likes and followers on social media is prompting many young people to engage in dangerous and life-threatening activities. Riding high-performance machines at high speeds without proper training puts the lives of the riders and other motorists at risk, and also violates road safety laws.

Bikers attempting 300 km/h again and again

Youtuber Agastya Chauhan was doing 294 kmph on his Kawasaki Ninja superbike, say police

During the nationwide lockdown in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic, a biker from Bangalore attempted a similarly dangerous stunt. He posted a video of himself riding a Yamaha YZF-R1 at 299 km/h on public roads and was later caught by the police. No official action has been taken against the rider yet for his reckless behavior.

Speeding on public roads is always extremely hazardous. Even experienced riders who have been riding superbikes for a long time know that high speeds on Indian roads can be unpredictable, and accidents can happen quickly. For everyone’s safety, high-speed runs should be restricted to tracks.

While some may argue that tracks are not completely safe and crashes happen there too, racing tracks offer a much more controlled environment than public roads. The risk of crashing on a track is much lower due to the absence of public traffic and stray animals. Moreover, tracks are designed to absorb the impact of crashes and protect riders from fatal injuries. Most tracks also provide medical treatment that can be crucial during the initial moments after an accident. Therefore, it is always better to perform high-speed runs in a controlled environment rather than on public roads.

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